The Newlywed Guide: How to Successfully Combine Interior Styles

The Newlywed Guide: How to Successfully Combine Interior Styles

The guests have gone home, the honeymoon has ended, and the post-wedding madness is slowly getting back to normal. But just because the party has wrapped up doesn’t mean the fun stops—it’s the beginning of an exciting marriage! 


Whether it’s a new name or a new home, there are many exciting things to come as a newlywed. However, when combining households, there can be a few speed bumps along the way—especially when combining interior styles. Although frustrating and daunting at times, combining styles is all about merging each other's favorite things into a collaborative new space. 

With a few suggestions and designer tricks, you and your partner will be on your way to fantastic new digs that show off both of your styles effortlessly. 


Determine Your Styles

You’ve tied the knot, and now it’s time to create the perfect nest for wedded bliss. Determining your respected styles will make the transition as easy as possible as it gives each person an understanding of the aesthetic the other one would like in their home. One person may love traditional decor, while the other may appreciate everything clean and contemporary. Starting the collaboration process with this knowledge at the forefront will create a stable ground for compromise. 


Get Inspired Together

When combining interior styles, get inspired together. Peruse design magazines and the internet to get a sense of each other’s likes and dislikes. While your partner may hate that leather couch you have to have, you may instantly shoot down that strange lamp he can’t stop talking about. Searching together will not only give you both a realistic view on what are big “no’s,” it will also spark excitement when you do find pieces you both love. Collaborating will assist in narrowing down styles and pieces before purchasing. 


Pick and Choose

Combining new and old furniture is all about compromise. You may like sleek dining chairs in light and neutral tones, but to satisfy your partner who likes dark stained furniture, you could meet in the middle with a mid-range finish like gray or oak. Similarly, if you prefer formal rugs and accessories, your partner may compromise with a more casual shaped couch and window treatments. 

Go with combinations that work together, like that fun Persian rug you already had with a casual, modern couch that both of you love. Pair his rustic dining table with your contemporary chairs both of you appreciate. 

If either partner can’t stand a piece, or it won’t work well in the space, consider selling it for money to invest in a piece you both love. 


Experiment with Accessories and Decor

Are you dying to have that kelly green sofa he hates? Is he going crazy for that weird patterned rug you can’t stand? Stick with neutral and timeless pieces and experiment with accessories and decor for that perfect middle ground. Invest in classic, comfortable pieces that can last for years. They’ll go a long way with your ever-changing decor styles. Have fun with decor, art, pillows and rugs, playing around with accents and styles. Try a new wall clock for a fun accent in an entryway or kitchen, or go for a funky piece of artwork in your partner’s favorite hues. Instead of going for a new couch in kelly green, have fun with some velvet accent pillows and go for something more neutral that both of you love—it’ll keep you and your partner happy in the long run. 

How have you and your partner combined interior styles in your new home? 


Kerrie Kelly is an interior designer who is constantly trying to meld the different styles that couples have so that everyone can be happy with their space. She provides tips on accessories that will help to integrate the happy couples’ styles. To view some wall decor and accessories that might help to blend your style visit The Home Depot or create yours together with Mixbook.

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