The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day doesn’t just mean boxes of chocolates these days – or going with your steady to the school dance. Remember when we were little and we used to make Valentine's photo cards to put on everyone’s desk, no exceptions? Embrace that sense of inclusiveness this year and try to spread the love.

What to do for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Boot Camp Prep Work:
1. Make some heart-shaped pancakes, stick them in the freezer
2. Pick up a bag of Hershey kisses
3. Get pompoms, googly eyes, glue and construction paper
4. Help your little people make their own Valentine’s Day cards and PomPom People (see below)

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids

For the little people in our lives: get some balloons the night before and hang them above the breakfast table. Who says Cupid didn’t visit your house in the dark of night? Toast up some frozen, heart-shaped pancakes and cover those happy little faces with Mommy kisses. A heart-shaped cookie cutter can turn any breakfast item into a V-day treat.

Then top off your morning with some contraband chocolate kisses. Your kids will think this Valentine’s is the best. Make some PomPom People as unique Valentine’s Day gifts. After school, trade in your PomPom People for wishes that go both ways.


1 PomPom person from Darling Daughter to Mom for an impromptu game of tag.
1 PomPom from Dad to Darling Son for a hug mid-videogame.
It’ll get pretty silly pretty fast. PomPom People really know how to spread the love, especially the Cyclops ones.

Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Office

For our friends and coworkers: share the rest of those Hershey kisses, pick up the phone and say hi for no reason, put a quarter in a meter that’s flashing red – do little acts of kindness to spread the happy around. I promise it will come back tenfold.

Valentine’s Day Ideas for him/her

For your main squeeze: remember that it’s the little things that mean the most to our partners who, let’s face it, stick with us day in and day out. Create photo books of all your favorite memories, book a tee time, hire a masseuse to come to the house, or make her favorite graham-cracker-banana-coconut-with-cream-icing cake (even though it’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever tasted!). And for one day, don’t complain about that forgotten dirty sock in the hallway, the ubiquitous almost-empty gas tank, or that stack of magazines collecting dust in the bathroom. For one day, pretend like it’s all new and everything is a treasure. Your partner will think Cupid really did come to the house…especially when he or she gets his own PomPom Person.

If you’re thinking of really making a partner melt like chocolate on V-day, create an Our Story that chronicles your first kiss to your first wedding anniversary.

Card and PomPom People directions:

Step 1: cut out hearts from construction paper
Step 2: glue 1 googly eye + heart onto to a 2nd folded piece paper (in that order)
Step 3: write U at the end – should now say: heart U!
Step 4: Sign your name inside

PomPom People:
Take extra googly eyes and glue onto pompoms to make Valentine PomPom People

Valentine’s day has grown into a celebration of love. Children, pets, spouses, significant others, and grandparents can all join in on the warm and fuzzy wishes!

Send Love with Mixbook’s Gold Glitter Hearts or Valentine Collage card. The message is timeless and means something special to your various recipients. Everyone will receive an all-inclusive Valentine’s Day greeting.

If you decide on a great photo card, think about posing your kids with red lipstick smooches all over them! If your pet can model next with a crafted heart-shaped sign, it’ll make for an adorable photo-op.

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