This Valentine's Day, Say It In Your Own Words

You like your Valentine a whole lot, maybe even love that special someone, right? But how much exactly? If you couldn't use one of our new Valentine's Day photo card designs to show how smitten you are, could you spell it out? We asked the creative geniuses around Mixbook HQ how much they love their Valentines and challenged them to say it in their own words—without photos. We got some pretty hilarious and clever responses! Check out the following three examples. sound of music valentine

candy valentine

custom valentines card

How much do you love your Valentine? More than cupcakes, more than Justin Bieber loves his hair, more than you "like" Facebook? Prove it. Creating a custom text card is so easy! Just start with a blank canvas card design and use different colors and fonts to develop a truly unique Valentine's Day card that lets your Valentine know where you stand. See more of our customized Valentine’s Day cards on our “I love you more than Pinterest” board on—you guessed it—Pinterest. We recently joined the popular inspiration site and we’re hooked. Won't you pin with us? For more February inspiration, visit our "Be Mine" February mood board to find tasty treats, simple DIY craft ideas, and Valentine's Day entertaining tips and tricks.

If you’re new to Pinterest and want to hear some persuasive reasons to start pinning with us, check out Crows’ Feet, Cupcakes and Cellulite’s article, “6 Reasons To Become A Pinterest Fan Immediately!” And then there’s reason number seven—it's one more way to connect with Mixbook.

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