Three New Ways to Author Your Love Story

No matter which chapter you're writing now—whether you're googly-eyed and head over heels, teaching little ones how to love, or reflecting on the reasons you fell for your Valentine so many years ago—there's never been an easier way to capture the essence of your love than in a gorgeous new Valentine's photo book. This Valentine's Day, choose one of Mixbook's three new photo book themes to commemorate your love story. Thanks to Mixbook's unique two-page photo spread options and clever storytelling opportunities, you'll have the perfect way to say "I love you" this February to your leading lady or man. 1. Our Story

our story valentines photo book

Young couples' lives are oftentimes whirlwinds of first dates, vacations, family events, and holidays. The best way to capture the passion of young love is with Mixbook's "Our Story" photo book theme. Chronicle favorite moments, trips, first anniversaries, and favorite places in this fresh photo book. Record the details of how you met and where you shared your first kiss so that you'll be able to relive each moment for years to come. Take turns filling in the blanks describing each lover's favorite hobbies, colors, movies, and more in this special "to be continued" photo book theme.

2. My Valentine

my valentine valentines photo book

Who says your Valentine has be your significant other? When you're knee-deep in toddlers and teaching moments, you may want to spread Cupid's love around your family. Mixbook's updated "My Valentine" photo book theme is the ideal opportunity to show off every single member of your family who makes sentimental holidays so special. Celebrate the love between a mother, father, son, and daughter in this kid-friendly photo book theme.

3. 10 Reasons Why I Love You

ten reasons why I love you valentines photo book

This year, Mixbook challenges you to count the ways in which you love your life partner. We bet it won't be too difficult to come up with just ten reasons your special love has lasted this long. Maybe it's the way he surprises you with breakfast in bed on your birthday each year, or perhaps it's the way she sings (however well) in the shower. Whether it's an intimate detail (like inside jokes that inspired our team to create custom Valentine's Day cards) or a shared quality everyone can see, Mixbook gives you an easy way to list the characteristics you fell in love with in our "10 Reasons Why I Love You" photo book theme. Perfect for seasoned veterans of the love game, this new photo book theme is the simplest (and quickest!) way to say, "Thanks for being you."

Which chapter of your love story are you most excited about recording this year?

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