Tips for Sending Moving Announcements

If you’ve moved recently or even if you moved months ago, now is the time to send out change-of-address cards. Starting in October, lots of people are thinking about updating their address books with current info so that when they’re ready to send out holiday cards there’s no last-minute scrambling for coordinates. I for one would be very bummed if I moved to a new home and didn’t get to experience the thrill of opening the mailbox to find photographic evidence throughout the month of December that far-flung friends and family members are alive and well. But to enjoy that end-of-year ritual, you have to send a moving announcement. An email notification tends to get lost in the digital shuffle, but a printed card will really make an impression. Here are a few ideas for creating a moving announcement that you’ll be proud to send—and friends will really enjoy receiving. On The Move Snap some pictures of your move as you go, from stacks of boxes and the monstrous moving truck to a couple shots of your new digs. You can treat your photos as a straightforward chronicle of this big life event, or you can have fun with your photos by striking some funny poses along the way. Here are a few ideas: Ensconce the kids or the family pet in bubble wrap. Set up a full dinner spread on boxes. Snap a shot of your kids behind the wheel of the moving truck (parked, of course). Choose your favorite Mixbook change-of-address card, then select a layout that accommodates the number of photos you have to share.

Moving Announcement

Pictorial Tour Create a photo collage of your new stomping ground. You can even upload a map of your new neighborhood, then add pics that illustrate what you and your family do in the new spots you frequent. Use Mixbook arrow stickers to note the exact location on your map. I even added a note about our favorite local bakery, encouraging friends to come and visit with a promise to take them there! Friends and family members will love seeing photos of your new life, and be able to get a little context for where you’re living it!

Moving Announcements

A Room with a View Snap a photo or a series of photos that show off the view from your new nest. Use Elle’s fabulous tutorial on stitching images together to truly capture the scale of your new perspective on everyday life.

Bird’s Eye View Take a screen shot of a satellite photo from Google Maps with a pinpoint dropped right on your new digs. Choose a heart- or star-shaped Mixbook sticker to really make that pinpoint stand out. Add arrows with Mixbook stickers to point out all your favorite spots.

Moving Announcment

Make It Fun! Include a few little-known facts or trivia about your new town: Films shot there, famous people from there, a well-known restaurant, or any other claims to fame. You can also add extra information following your new address like longitude and latitude coordinates, time zone, or even distances to significant cities or towns like the one you moved from, plus a couple biggies like Paris, London, Tokyo or Dubai. For fun, you can also include other stats like distance to the new elementary school, miles to your beloved stadium, or blocks to the nearest market. One of my favorite Mixbook Moving Announcement cards is “Paint Swatch” – use the design itself to invite correspondence by asking friends and family members which blue they like best. Even if you’ve already decided on colors, it’s fun to solicit advice and start a conversation.

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