Top Honeymoon Destinations

Top Honeymoon Destinations

Oh the places we'll go! The bouquet has been caught, the embarrassing wedding speeches are over, and you successfully survived the big day. The honeymoon should be the most relaxing part of your wedding journey. Whether or not you and your love decide to escape immediately after your nuptials or shortly after, choosing your destination is top priority. Some destinations will require a bit more planning than others, so let's look at some great options for the different style of traveler you might be.

The Escapists

Some vacationers enjoy celebrating in an atmosphere of who-cares-what-time-it-is and prefer a destination like Hawaii. I know what you might think "But Hawaii is too touristy!" We beg to differ! Yes, there are major cities on the islands, but there are more secluded and romantic locations amongst the palm.

With a number of secret beaches like Kauapea or "Secret Beach" hidden between Kalihiwai Bay and Kilauea Point on Kauai or Mokuleia Beach on Oahu’s northwest shore, there are plenty of ways to escape the tourist-favored beaches and have a slice of Hawaii to yourself. The Hawaiian islands boast amazing adventure opportunities: snorkeling, hiking, zip-lining, scuba diving, paddle boarding, and of course surfing.

The Culture Buffs

Looking for an experience that's rich with history, beauty, and culture? Oh, and also, how much do you love pasta? Well I think you know where we're going with this one: Italy! Italy is one of the most versatile European countries. With major destinations like Rome, Milan, Positano, Capri, Sicily, Vatican City (although not technically Italy), Florence, and Venice we could come up with a laundry list of must-sees!

Let's give you some bucket list to-dos in Italy:

  • Ride the chair lift to the top of Capri
  • Go on a gondola ride in Venice
  • Visit the awe-inspiring Colosseum
  • Wine tasting in Tuscany
  • Seeing the ruins of Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius
  • Watch the sunset in Positano
  • Wander the ancient streets of Rome
  • Bonus - go visit the Pope in Vatican City!

Wherever you decide to go in Italy, know that each city will embrace you with adventure.

The Exotic Adventurers

One of the hottest destinations in the past year has been Thailand. Full of beautiful temples, amazing food, teal beaches, and outdoor fun, Thailand is a great destination for couples that seek a taste of the exotic.

In Bangkok's ancient temples you can observe monks in prayer, participate in rituals, and explore the gorgeous detail in their architecture.

Outside the major city, The Phi Phi islands are very popular for young travelers such as yourselves. Experience gorgeous island lookout points, crystal clear beaches like Maya Bay, and great island parties!

If you're headed for water, check out the incredible rock formations off the coat of James Bond Island. Ride a longtail boat or kayak around these structures for a day of sights and sun.

The Romantics

What's a honeymoon if not in the city of love: Paris! Fall in love all over again with one of the most vibrant cities on Earth. A great combination of history and modern flare, Paris offers extensive to-dos for adventurous couples.

From the top of the Eiffel Tower to the Palace of Versailles, from the Louvre to a stroll down the Champs-Élysées you'll have an itinerary full of great sights. Take it day by day. Focus a day on museums, another day on classic churches and architecture, the next day on the arts/music/culinary side of the city and you'll leave with full hearts. Major city destinations offer the most bang for your buck.

The Wild Explorers

If you're looking for a taste of the wild, Cape Town, South Africa is a destination that definitely out-of-the-box. Imagine waking up and going on a safari, and the next day overlooking breathtaking views from the cliffside beaches or from Lion's Head.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 10.34.43 AM.png

South Africa has an extensively rich history too. The Apartheid Museum, the District Six Museum, or Robben Island all would be fun day trips to soak in the city's culture.

Cape Town has great modern charm too. You and your love could attend an excited rugby match, browse the outdoor markets for handmade gifts, and visit wineries to taste the famous grapes of the Southern Winelands.

It's your honeymoon so do take the time to enjoy every moment wherever you decide to go. The adventure is only as grand as you make it. There will be plenty more trips you two will experience as a married couple so make the first one count!

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Happy Honeymooning!



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