Top-Ten Mixbook Mother’s Day Cards

As I write this post, my child is whining, pulling on my pants and begging for attention. He’s not a brat (most of the time, anyway) – he’s home sick, which means I’m attempting to be supermom, nurse mommy, professional writer and master of the house all at once. (Let me tell you, I look GOOD right now, in case you were wondering.) I’m not sure I’m doing a particularly good job at any of it, but I do know this: I am not unique. Your mother did this for you too. Someday when my sons are old enough to dream up the PERFECT Mother’s Day card for me (they’ll spend hours, I’m sure), I’m positive they’ll employ the latest technology to send me a virtual massage and fragrant flowers that materialize right from the envelope. But current state-of-the-art card technology – of which Mixbook is the master – means the moms in your life get a completely personal Mother’s Card created just for them. We’re working on the flowers, but for now you can use our tools to create your perfect Mother’s Day card.

Mother's Day Cards

Here are my top-ten ideas:

M is for Mommy – what else is M for? If you’re making a mother’s card “with the help” of small children, take the caption of Mixbook’s  M is For Mommy card and echo it in the photos of your child. Have your child hold up handwritten signs with other “M” words that are appropriate – magnificent, magic, mega awesome, marvelous.

M is for Mommy

Word Play Kids love the game of choosing an adjective for each letter in a word or name. Use the inside of Mixbook’s Word Play Mother’s Day card to print a descriptive word chosen for each letter of mom’s name.

Wordplay Card

The Mommy Times Create a card that captures all the praise that’s fit to print. The headline story is all about mom, complete with gorgeous, inspiring photography of course.

The Mommy Times

Best Mom Ever! No explanation necessary. With this card, you cut to the chase and lay it on thick (to mix metaphors – sorry, mom!). If I choose this card for my mom (she definitely deserves it) she’d first correct my usage here, then revel in the sentiment and add the card to her permanent fridge collage.

Best Mom Ever!Mother's Day Cards

The Custom Surprise! With a beautiful message penned on the front of Mixbook’s Delicate Carnations card, she’ll swoon for sure, but she might think for just a moment that you didn’t bother to make your card personal. Then, BOOM! She’ll open this card and see a big, beautiful photograph that was selected just for the occasion. You get extra points for the surprise factor. Delicate CarnationsDelicate Carnations

Super Mom My kids should get me this card. So should yours. Every mom is a Super Mom – and I need to hear it…I mean…she needs to hear it. As with the last option, it packs a punch by including a photo on the inside. Superheroes love that stuff!

Super Mom

Reality Star Lots of reality shows hinge on the celebration of people who are almost freakishly good at what they do. Show mom how freakishly good she is at being a mom, just maybe don’t use the word “freak.”

Reality Star

Mom Tattoo Maybe your mom loves your edgy side. Maybe she loves you despite it. Or perhaps you share matching tats. Whatever the case, short of tattooing your chest with “Every Day Is Mother’s Day” Mixbook’s Mom Tattoo card is the best alternative way to say Happy Mother’s Day I have ever seen. 

Grand-Mother’s Day Don’t forget the grandmas! Your grandma, for one, will be blown away with a custom card. Just be careful, she’ll likely proceed to ask you to help fix her computer.

Mother's Day Cards

Queen Mom Make her queen for a day, starting with this personalized Queen-Mother’s-Day card. HINT: tuck a gift certificate for a spa treatment inside – oh, and a tiara.

Mother's Day Cards

Bonus Pick!

The Good Husband It’s one thing to pick the perfect Mother’s Day card. It’s another thing altogether for the FATHER of your children to choose a card especially for you. I mean, he absolutely should, but he should be praised regardless. Mixbook’s For My Wife card fits the bill. Way to go, daddy-o!

For My Wife

Happy Mother’s Day! Happy Mixbooking!

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