Mixbook’s Top Year In Review Card Ideas

Year in Review Card

Year in Review Christmas Card

Everyone loves a holiday photo card, especially when it depicts the whole family – not just the kids! And everyone loathes the 10-page holiday newsletter that goes into painful detail about everything under the sun – with extra space reserved for ailments and illnesses. But it’s nice to get the broad strokes of what friends and family members have been up to. A Mixbook-designed year-in-review card is the perfect way to go, with predefined space for short and sweet details about proud moments and milestones. Here’s a look at our top year-in-review cards – and how to know which one’s right for you this holiday.

Just the Facts, Ma’am

If your year was filled with milestones, fill family and friends in on a few details with a newsletter in the form of a photo card. Keep the details short and lighthearted for an uplifting review of the past twelve months.

Chalk Year in Review Card
Family Year in Review Card
Mod Year in Review Card
Year in Review Card Idea

"Chalk Year in Review""Family Top 10" "Mod Year in Review" "A Year Filled With Joy"

Year in Review Card for Christmas

All the News that’s Fit to Print

Use a favorite photo or series of photos from the year to create a family newsletter­–style Christmas card. Mixbook’s Vintage Year in Review card makes room for sharing major milestones, family highlights as well as overarching thankfulness. And Mixbook’s Family Report card employs fun infographics to create a spoof on a business breakdown of family trends.

Year In Review Card Ideas
Year in Review Card Ideas
Vintage Year in Review Card

"North Pole News" "Family Report" "Vintage Year in Review"

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

If you have four or five great photos that work nicely in relation to one another, a collage format like Mixbook’s Color Block Holiday Collage, Transparent Year in Review, or A Year To Remember is a great way to bring together a few visual expressions of the past year. Friends and family members will love seeing the big highlights all in one place. On the reverse of the card there’s plenty of room to reminisce or send well wishes. You can either write up a little summary of your family’s year or convey your hope that friends and family will have a New Year filled with peace, joy and prosperity. Or, of course, you can do both!

Year in Review Ideas
Year in Review Card
A Year To Remember

Yearly Review Thumbnail Collage

If you have a photo for every month of the past year, consider creating card that features twelve pictures. A layout like this is ideal for showing the growth of a baby or a new puppy over the course of a year. But you can also use it to show the progress on a building project or anything else you’ve toiled away at for the entire year. Use the back of the card to showcase a large image of the final product, whether that’s a smiling child or a sparkling new paint job as the final touch on the house renovation project. And because the thumbnail images are set in frames that are uniform in size, you don’t need to worry about the images themselves “matching” or even being of the same scale. The grid format of the pictures will impose enough of a standard on the composition that your card will look great no matter what the pictures feature. So you can count your blessings from an entire year through pictures – and also be grateful that it’s incredibly easy to put together and send out a card like this.

Year in Review Collage

Happy Mixbooking! Happy reminiscing!

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