Editor Tip: Transferring Photos from an Old Project to a New One

As the year nears its end, many of you may be looking to start your year in review books and cards. For many Mixbookers, your photos from throughout the year have already been uploaded into projects, which puts you at a great advantage! Instead of digging through your hard drive’s folders, you can actually transfer photos from an old project into a new one! No re-upload needed! :) To do this, start your new project, or open up the existing project in the editor. Next, click on "Add Photos" button from the "Photos" tab. + PhotosWhen the Add Photos box appears, click on the "My Photos" tab. All your projects will be listed in the left side bar.

My Photos TabClicking on the projects will display the photos that have been previously uploaded into that project. You can click the Select All button, or choose certain photos to transfer into your new project. Once you’ve made your selections, click on the orange “Add Selected Photos” button.

Add PhotosThe photos will then be added into your photo tray and given green check marks in the Add Photos box. This is your confirmation that the photos have been added. From here, you can select photos from other projects, or close out the box.

Photos AddedYou’re now ready to get to work on your new project! With all that time you saved from having to re-upload your photos, we’re sure you’ll be ordering in no time! We hope this tutorial has been helpful! Happy Mixbooking!

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