Editor Tip: Uploading Photos from Picasa

With Mixbook, you have many different ways to upload your photos into your project. You can upload them straight from your computer, transfer photos from past projects, or even grab your photos from Facebook. Our other services include Instagram, Flickr, PhotoBucket, Smugmug and Picasa, giving you a variety of uploading options. In this post, we’re going to focus on uploading photos from Picasa, a popular service many Mixbookers use! So let’s get to it. To start, open up the project you want to add your Picasa photos to. Once you’ve got the editor open, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on the “Add Photos” button. Step 2: In the window that opens, click on the Picasa icon, located on the right hand side.

Picasa UploadStep 3: Click on the Connect button. Step 4: In the new browser window that opens, log into your Picasa account, then click on the “Grant Access” button.

Connect AccountThe following page should load:

Close WindowThis is confirmation that you have successfully connected your Picasa account to your Mixbook account. Step 5: Click on the “Close Window” button and return to the Mixbook editor. Step 6: Click continue and your photos will begin to load! Any photos associated with your Picasa account will be accessible in the photo upload window. Clicking on the drop down menu will allow you to switch from one album to another.

Switch AlbumsAll that’s left is to select your photos and click on the “Add Selected Photos” button. This will upload your photos into your project’s photo tray. Once you’re done, close out of the box and you’re ready to start designing!

Select Photos **Remember, this process will only work if you are using Picasa Web Albums, not the proprietary downloadable software known as Picasa 3. To see this happen “live,” take a look at our video tutorial below. Happy Mixbooking! http://youtu.be/aL0PXV4WuFU

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