Valentine's Day Cards for Kids

Valentine's Day Cards for Kids

Children's Valentine Day Cards 

Are cooties still a thing in school? Ahh those were the days. Giggling and blushing around our elementary school crush, patiently waiting for Valentine's Day so you could slip him or her the funniest mass-produced Valentine's Day greeting. Kids are always anxiously waiting to open their card boxes to read all their friend's greeting cards.

If you're looking to be the cool kid on campus with the best Valentine's Day cards this year, Mixbook has your cootie-free back. These beautiful kid-friendly greeting card designs will have you looking like Cupid himself.

Valentine Watercolor

Bright, beautiful, and simple! This trendy watercolor-designed Valentine's Day card will be a classroom favorite.

Magical Valentine

You had me at unicorn! Little girls will never get enough of rainbows, unicorns, and all things sparkly. This photo card says it all! And don't forget the really cute illustration of a new magical friend!

Love Bokeh

This fun photo card design plays with heart-shaped bokeh flair that's sure to catch someone's eye.

Heart Typography

Sometime's the well wishes of a happy holiday are all you need. This card features a full photo frame with minimal design to put your best photo forward.

Super Hero Valentine

Save the day with this super-fun photo card. Simple drop your favorite headshot into the photo slot and transform into the newest super hero! Kids will love playing with their imaginations on this design.

A maze is a pretty good metaphor for love! But once you figure it out, it's nothing but fun. This is a fun interactive option that kids will enjoy solving. The maze on the back will keep the kids busy for a bit while you enjoy your box of chocolates.

There are so many fun options your child can choose from. There's one thing certain, she/he will have the best Valentine's Day cards in the class! Shop your Valentine's Day greeting cards now. 

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