Wedding Invitation Suite and Etiquette Guide

Wedding Invitation Suite and Etiquette Guide

The Look of Your Wedding

When planning your wedding, one of the first things you start to do is to get a feel for the celebration you want to create. Green flowers, cream dresses on your bridal party. The groomsmen in gray, the cake is a mix of the same colors. All the tablecloths are nubby linen. When putting together your stationery for the event, be sure to incorporate your theme, look, colors, and overall wedding vibe. From wedding invitations to thank you cards, reception cards to bridal shower invitations, Mixbook has numerous options to pull your look together and match one another just the way you want them to.

Wedding Invitations

Think of your wedding invitation like the dress you’ll wear when you walk down the aisle – it’s important and it needs to be amazing, but there are a few other things you’ll want to consider before you start your walk – jewelry, shoes, maybe hair and makeup? The same goes for your wedding stationery.

Response Cards

Response Cards or RSVP cards are traditionally included with your invitation to make it easy for your guests to return their reply. A response card can be sent with its own envelope or as a modern postcard. Both of these ways should be addressed to whomever you’ve placed in charge of the RSVP task. You should also include a stamp of appropriate postage for the return trip. For those who are going green, it’s acceptable to include RSVP details with a website or an email address for guests to reply to.

Reception Cards

What are Reception Cards, and why do I need them? After your vows are made, reception cards help guests find their way to the party. It is customary to include wording like, “Reception Immediately Following Ceremony” with the name and address of where guests will be going. Reception cards can either match your stationery design or provide a contrast if that suits your style. Finally, if dancing on a grassy lawn is in store, it is appropriate to mention footwear or dress that the guests might need to anticipate.

Directions Cards

Directions Cards are essential if there’s the slightest chance your guests might get lost. While it might seem fun to imagine a service and reception with just you and your partner, you’ll miss your friends I promise! Direction cards give guests an easy way to navigate themselves to your wedding, to your reception and even to an after party if that’s on the agenda. Direction cards should have addresses clearly stated as well as specific turns and landmarks to help your guests. If your wedding can be accessed from multiple directions, be sure to include both ways.

Wedding Thank You Cards

Wedding Thank You Cards are an essential part of your wedding stationery and Mixbook recommends having them on hand right from the start. It’s much easier to write individual notes as gifts come in than 200 at a time on an airplane home from Fiji. For more helpful resources, check out our Thank You Card etiquette for valuable ideas and looks that might suit your needs.

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