Ideas on What to Do with Your Valentine's Day Gifts

Ideas on What to Do with Your Valentine's Day Gifts


DIY Ideas on Re-Using Valentine's Day Gifts

Each Valentine's day brings another year of romantic cards, flowers, teddy bears and endless chocolates. After the lover's day is over and all the chocolate has been guiltily devoured we often trash the Valentine's day residual that could put to be put to good use. Use this guide to make beautiful creations while at the same time reducing your carbon footprint.

Chocolate Heart Boxes

Each year many cupid stricken boys and men gift the women in their lives delicious chocolates in fun heart shaped boxes for Valentine's Day. After the chocolate is gone these cute boxes usually get chucked and forgotten. Before you toss your chocolate box into the trash

Cocktail Jewelry Box

Decorate the heart shaped box with the fabric, glitter or paint color of your choice. Use it to store your cocktail jewelry, buttons, hair pins, paper clips, safety pins, seashells, stamps, staples,screws or other trinkets that need a home.

Gift Boxes

Use these fun heart shape boxes as packaging for your gifts. Instead of buying gift bags, gift boxes or wrapping paper, take advantage of the amount of space and protection available in the chocolate boxes and use it to pack your goodies. Decorate the outside with paint or tie a bow around it and pass it on.

Ice Tray Molds

For chocolate boxes with durable plastic trays (that store the individual chocolate) wash out and fill with fruit juice. Serve in cups as a refreshing drink or share the fun icy treat with your children.

Make Your Own Chocolate

Get in the kitchen and make your own signature easy to make chocolate truffles. Place your delicious creations in your heart shaped candy boxes and share with the world (or your friends and family).

Paint Palette

Channel your inner Picasso, use the plastic trays to mix acrylic, oil or watercolor paints. Get started on your visual masterpiece!

Picture Frame

Transform the heart shaped box into a unique picture frame. Frame a loved one and put it on your office desk or mount it on a wall at home.

Wall Art

Give these adorable boxes life by making them into stunning wall art. Use eco-friendly materials such as: clothing fabric,newspaper articles or comics, old book or magazine pages,scrapbook paper, sheet music, recycle foil candy wrappers fromValentine's Day chocolate, cereal boxes, whatever material you see fit! Consider using small and large shaped hearts for added visual appeal.

Valentine's Day Roses

Each year millions of people are gifted roses as a symbol of love each Valentine's Day. No need to throw away that beautiful arrangement of flowers specifically designed and tailored for you just yet. Reuse the petals to get more mileage out of your sweet smelling floral arrangements.

Candied Rose Petals

Decorate cakes and desserts with rose petals dipped or lightly sprinkled with sugar. Select the most vibrantly colored and well-formed roses.

Pressed Rose Petal Cards

Give those wilting roses new life by creating elegant pressed rose petal greeting cards. This technique also works well for making coasters or fancy framed art.

Rose Milk Bath

Pamper yourself like the ancient Egyptians with a rose milk bath. The luxurious mixture will leave your skin hydrated, soft and sweetly scented. Kick back and soak in a tub filled with Cleopatra’s ‘go to’ skin potion.

Rose Petal Centerpieces

Place those beautiful roses in a martini glass,vase or an elegant bowl and create charming centerpieces for your coffee or dinner table.

Rose Petal Water

During the Renaissance, Shakespeare’s audience sipped on rose petal water while watching the play unfold. Today this beautifully scented water can be used in a number of ways including:

  • Desserts
  • Facial toner
  • Fragrance
  • Hair rinse
  • Rose scented tea
  • Salads
  • Scented bed sheets
  • Skin care treatments

Place rose petals in a large pot and cover with distilled water. Simmer ingredients on low heat until the rose petal colors began to fade and release pleasant fragrance. Strain the water and let cool, then place into decant bottles and store in a dark cool place.

Rose Potpourri

Gather all your dried out roses and place in a brown paper bag. Seal the bag tightly and set in a cool, dark and safe place for at two months. Place in a decorative bowl or container. Enjoy the pleasant aroma way after Valentine's Day is gone.


Guest post by Naomi Shaw: Naomi is a freelance writer from Southern California. She loves writing about home decor and education. When she’s not writing, she loves to spend time with her husband and three children.

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