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Capture Special Moments with Memory Books

Time is fleeting, and it is easy to miss those special moments- memory photo books document and preserve these memories for years to come! Memory books are more than photographs or scrapbooks: they are a piece of your family’s legacy. Do you ever wish to revisit a day, an event, or an individual? A memory book allows you to do so with clarity, protecting cherished memories to recall and relive later.  A graduation, a new home, a baby, or family holidays; these are the times we want to freeze in time, and photo memory books provide a way to save them for future generations, too.

Revisit your Family's History

Memory books allow you to compose and organize bits of history, creating and crafting your life story. These photo books are a sleek and streamlined approach to keeping photos and pictures- perfect for posterity. Choose high-quality hardcovers to last and last; select premium paper to flatter your favorite photos. These books are versatile, easy to store, much less bulky, and more organized than a box of snapshots. Plus, you won’t have to wonder when and where the image comes from; optional text boxes allow you to recollect and recall as you wish.

Preserve Favorite Online Images

Choose your favorite photos from your social media pages to ensure they won’t become lost online. Memory photo books look clean and stylish on a shelf, coffee table, or wherever you want to stash them, but keep them nearby, as you will want to flip through them often!

Memory books tell your story, allowing you to revisit special moments. Important memories, gestures, and occasions will be recalled and relived through the memories you preserve. Flipping through a memory book evokes nostalgia, creating a common bond and meaningful moment with those you love by providing some context and organization to the pictures you hold dear.

Give Someone Else a Gift

Don’t forget that Mixbook memory books make the perfect gift, too. In fact, there are few gestures as meaningful and sentimental as a memory book- they are the perfect gift for an upcoming birthday, anniversary, retirement, birth- and much, much more. Choose photos and captions for loved ones to celebrate their milestones, from travel diaries to baby books. When you give someone a memory book, you are sharing a bit of nostalgia that will bring plenty of smiles.

Share with a Senior

Memory books especially make thoughtful gifts for seniors, too. When you share a special memory book with an older loved one or neighbor, you are helping them to preserve moments and memories, keeping them safe across their lifespan. Check out our online gift guide to start designing yours today.

Create a Lasting Testament

One of the true benefits of creating your own memory book is the longevity. You will have these moments captured forever to share years from now. Another perk of a memory book is the simplicity; making a memory book is easy when you use the online templates and tools provided. Design and lay out the kind of book that you want to create; curate your images and write text to complete the pages of your project.

Some other reasons to create your own memory book include these:

  • Preserve memories for future generations of loved ones
  • Create long-lasting and cherished gifts for anyone
  • Honor loved ones
  • Welcome a new addition to the family, whether it is a new baby, pet, or in-law

Memory books are a great way to keep and protect moments and memories for posterity. Document the moments that matter for your loved ones to cherish later.

Hear What Customers Say

Still not sure? Check out these comments, testimonials, and reviews from some of our satisfied customers and creators:

  • "I have used Mixbook many times over the last ten years. It is by far the best tool for putting together a photo book. It has the best tools, the best graphics, the best customer service, and gives you the most flexibility in terms of content. It is amazing!" - Martha
  • "I love how easy it is to edit in Mixbook, even if you choose a theme you are not restricted to the fonts and styles within that theme. I have made a photo book for my family every year for the past 6 years and am always extremely happy with how they come out." - Emily
  • "I had a great time putting my book together and picking out different backgrounds for the pages. I felt that my book turned out great! It made great gifts for my grandchildren." - Rainey
  • “Reminds me of all the joy when I forget or life gets in the way.”- Patty
  • “I use all the great photos I take on a daily basis to put into a "scrapbook" for my kids to remember their childhood. If you don't put them into a book, why even take them?”- Rachel

For more feedback, check out the customer comments and reviews online to learn more about Mixbook memory books!

Choose a Theme

Ready to get started on making your own custom memory book? First, choose the theme of your project- what kind of memory book do you want to create? Remember that if you are using a smartphone or other mobile device, we offer simple mobile-friendly options for making memory books, too!

So, what memory book themes are most popular? Here are a few:

You will find suitable templates for making all kinds of distinctive memory books on the site so that you can pick, choose, or design your own for your project. After choosing a theme, gather your materials and content together, including favorite photographs, letters, ticket stubs, mementos, and more that you want to use in your project. Choose paper and cover options that best suit your memory book theme.

Tips to Get Started

We want you to be pleased with the results, so we are committed to helping you make memory photo books that will last a lifetime, and that will tell your story to future generations.

Here are the basic steps to follow to begin creating:

  1. First, pick a template that you like for your memory book, but remember you are not constrained to using a template. Design your own layout and theme with Blank Canvas, if you wish!
  2. Next, digitally upload your photos from any place- so that we can do the work for you!
  3. Arrange and organize your photos with simple, intuitive controls that make it easy to create the look and book that you want.
  4. Choose from our growing library of stickers, graphics, and backgrounds to embellish your memories and photos. Pick and choose accents that will make your book special- or upload your own custom images. This brings a personalized touch to your project.
  5. Remember, you are always free to upload your own designs if you’d like! Got a logo, brand, or image that you want to use? Go ahead and scan or take a photo to use in your memory book.
  6. Select from several different types of paper to complement your memory book. Our photo books are printed on quality archival silk 100 lb. paper with full photo wrap covers for optimal results- customers choose from glossy, matte, and luster options available. The paper we use is acid-free, so your scrapbook pages will not discolor or turn yellow over time.
  7. Choose hard or soft covers, as well as various shape and size options, too.
  8. If you get stuck, don’t worry; help is available via chat. First check the FAQ section of our website to find your answer quickly to many common questions and queries. Chances are that if you have a question regarding your memory book, you will find the solution here. You are going to love your memory photo book!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long can I expect my memory book to last?

A memory book will last longer if you opt for a high-quality, hard cover to protect it. Also, consider the paper options and choose one that will preserve and persevere for years to come, such as our premium lustre paper, lauded for its longevity.

What should be included in a memory book?

Include whatever photos, pictures, and images you like in your memory book- set your own rules! Use photos saved online or scan your own family pictures to use in your project. Think outside the box and scan mementos, tickets, notes, and more to add to your project. From family gathering party favors to documenting life’s major events, a custom photo memory book always fits.

How do I add text to my photos in a memory book?

Captions and text set memory books apart from other photo albums and scrapbooks. This enables the recipient to reflect and remember moments that could be lost. Adding text to the photos and pictures in your memory book is easy. Simply click on the "Add Text" button- located in the upper right corner- while editing. A pop-up, empty text box will appear; click on it and type what you want to say. Use the easy options offered to modify your text's font, color, size, or location.

How long does it take to create a memory book?

The time that it takes to create your memory book depends on what you choose to create. Short on time? Our new Automagic Creation tool helps create a photo memory book in minutes with unique features like Instant story creation, smart photo layouts, and easier editing controls. Try it for yourself!

What special skills or tools are needed to create a memory book?

There are no special skills or tools needed to create a memory book with your photos. We provide templates that are easy to follow for completing your own distinct project. We also offer simple mobile-friendly options so that you can create your book from the convenience of your phone. You don’t need special technical skills to make a beautiful, lasting photo book with Mixbook. Still need some help? We provide assistance and support via our live chat, too.

Can I create a memory book for someone else?

Yes, it is easy to create a memory book for someone else using online photos, templates, and our website. Don’t forget that memory photo books make cherished gifts that everyone wants to receive!

Tell Your Story with a Customized Memory Book

More than a photo book or album, memory books capture special moments and tell the stories of a life lived. Protect cherished photos in your memory book so future generations can keep and enjoy them, too. It’s easy! Remember that our memory photo books are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we only used the highest-quality papers, sourced and certified from sustainable forests.

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