#MIXitup: 5 Summer Activities to Prevent Boredom

#MIXitup Thanks for making our first ever #MIXitup event a success, Mixbookers! We definitely enjoyed chatting with all of you and getting to know you Mixbookers a little better! We hope you had as much fun as we did! :)

For those of you who weren’t able to make it, no worries! We’ll definitely be doing more events like this in the future.

Here’s a quick recap of what went on during our little party! To go along with National Anti-Boredom month, we decided to ask the Mixbook community for ideas on how they keep entertained during these summer months! We took an hour out of the day to get to know Mixbookers and bounce ideas off one another. There were so many great ideas, but here’s our top 5 (in no particular order)!

+ Create a Mixbook for Traveling Loved Ones + To help pass the time, Tiffany created a Mixbook for her husband, who is currently deployed in Iraq.

Why We Love It: We love this idea because you are able to pass the time while you reminisce! And we all know reminiscing brings you closer to your loved one, no matter how far they are! :) Want to make a photo book for your soldier? We've got a great Military Heroes theme to get you started!

+ Throw a Make-Your-Own Pizza Party + Toni hosts pizza parties where each child (the real ones and the kids at heart!) get to create their own personal pizza.

Why We Love it: From the sauce to the toppings, you’re in charge of how your pizza will turn out! Talk about bringing out your inner chef! From creation, to anticipation, to finally eating your masterpiece, this is a great way to pass the entire afternoon! We’ve even got the perfect pizza party invite to get you started!

+ Create a Vacation Mixbook + Marjorie is in the process of creating a Mixbook of her last vacation.

Why We Love It: Not only do you get to document all the fun times you had, you get to relive it! You beat boredom, pretend you’re on vacation again, and who knows, maybe you’ll end up planning your next one! And there’s nothing more exciting that planning a new vacation. :) From a Retro Road Trip to a Tropical Paradise, we've got a variety of themes to match your vacation!

+ Think About Creative Ways to Use Mixbook in the Classroom + Kelly, a high school teacher, likes to brainstorm ways she can use Mixbook for the following school year.

Why We Love It: We love seeing our users thinking outside the box and finding new and innovative ways to use our products. Once you’ve got the idea, there are so many ways to tweak and try it out that you’ll be busy for hours! We also love seeing Mixbook in the classroom! If you're an educator, sign up for our education program here! Did you know, the original idea for Mixbook was for friends to create social yearbooks?

+ Create a Mixbook with Someone Else + Dassi in in the process of creating a Mixbook with her son of his travels to Israel!

Why We Love It: We absolutely love the bonding that occurs when creating a Mixbook with someone else, whether it’s your son, friend, mother, or anyone! What’s more fun than spending an afternoon walking down memory lane with a friend? What makes us love this idea even more is that Dassi is creating this Mixbook with the use of Facebook photos. Her son did not have a camera at the time, so they are using their social network to build the book! You can learn how to upload photos from Facebook by watching this tutorial video.

We hope these ideas have got the ball rolling on ways for you to celebrate Anti-Boredom month! If you try out any of these ideas and want to share the experience with the Mixbook community, e-mail us at social@mixbook.com! We love sharing the different things our users do. We hope to see you at our next #MIXitup event! Until then, happy Mixbooking!

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