Art Deco, Gatsby-Inspired Wedding Ideas

A Great Gatsby–inspired reception may just be the perfect wedding theme. You get all the sleek sophistication of a formal black-tie affair, plus a roaring good time. If you’ve seen Baz Luhrmann’s film Gatsby, you know that it’s impossible NOT to be inspired by the over-the-top eye-candy-worthy style he depicts: the dark red lips, the beaded fringe, the boater hats, the Flapper-style dancing.  With a scene like this, you might even see gramps bust out the Charleston!


There’s never been a better time – well since the Twenties, at least – to throw a golden-era themed wedding. You can keep the decorations chic and simple, but hire a jazz band or at least a DJ who can bounce between authentic jazz-era standards and Baz’s awesome soundtrack. You’ll want to fill the room with the kind of brazen brass and thundering bass that makes the party go off. For party favors, hand out feather boas for the dames and top hats for the gents – your guests will love getting into character.

The Invitations Your wedding invitation will give guests a taste of what’s to come at the celebration. An Art Deco–themed wedding invitation will convey without words that this is a dressy affair. But if you’re really hoping guests get gussied up with pressed-in curls, strands of pearls, three-piece tuxedos and wingtips, make a note that guests are welcome to come in their favorite Flapper-era attire.

Mixbook offers several different designs ideal for a Gatsby wedding : Glitz Deco, Striped Deco, Emerald Art Deco, Dotted Deco, Deco FloralArt Deco Frame, and Art Deco Glamour. Each design features the intricate, stylized motifs fashionable in the Roaring Twenties, plus a posh palette to capture the most characteristic colors of the era. Mixbook also has customizable Response Cards, Reception Cards and Thank-You Cards to match.

Glitz Deco Art Deco Wedding Invitation Striped Deco Art Deco Wedding Invites Emerald Art Deco Ar Deco Wedding Invitations Dotted Deco Art Deco Wedding Invitations Deco Floral Art Deco Wedding Invites Art Deco Frame Art Deco Wedding Invitation Art Deco Glamour Art Deco Wedding Invite

The Guest Book With the rich colors, bold geometric patterns and lavish ornamentation that defined the look and feel of the era, Mixbook has created an Art Deco Guest Book that lets guests sign their names and write loving notes amidst the excitement of the day. Extra credit if you add quotes of your own attributed to Mr. Fitzgerald or other writers of the time when you print it. And don’t forget to put a substantial fountain pen out with the book on the day of your wedding. The very weight of the thing will inspire guests to really put their all into their sentiments. And there’s nothing like the look of India Ink on the page.

Art Deco Guest BookArt Deco Wedding Guest Book

The Album With all the great costumes your guests will don, it would be a crying shame not to capture it all on film. Have your photographer snap plenty of Gatsby-inspired shots. Set up a station with extra props that guests can play around with – think fur stoles, inlaid canes, pocket watches, jeweled headbands, cigarette holders and martini glasses. You can even have some film stills on hand to inspire authentic poses. Upload all your shots into Mixbook’s Art Deco Wedding album, and prepare to enjoy flipping through your reenactment of the last century for damn-near a century to come.

Art Deco Wedding AlbumArt-Deco-Wedding-Album-Ideas

The Jazz-era classics have stood the test of time – and so will the memories of your wedding.

Happy Mixbooking! <jazz hands>

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