Create Personalized Baptism or Christening Invitations

The day of a baptism or christening is a joyful occasion that should be shared with and celebrated with family and friends. In some families, the ritual is steeped in religious importance. In other families, the baptism or christening is simply an abiding family tradition that’s more about presenting a newborn baby than anything else. And in some families, there are differing views on the meaning of the baptism or christening – even between the mother and father of the baby. But in every case, the baptism or christening is about love above and beyond everything else. It’s about a community of support found in family, friends and members of the congregation as much as it’s about a promise to raise a child in God’s eyes.

How to Make Baptismal or Christening Invitations.

Christening Cross

What the day means to each individual person is less important than the beauty of gathering everyone who loves a new baby together to honor the miracle of life. So embrace the day, and get on with celebrating the joy of the occasion! Invite close friends, family members and a select group of members of your church’s congregation to attend the ceremony itself – and consider hosting a celebration of some sort after the service.

Create Your Invitation If you’re going super traditional with your ceremony and reception, choose a classic design including holy symbols of a cross or dove.

Baptism Flourish
Little Blessing

"Baptism Flourish""Little Blessing"

You can choose to include a photograph of your little angel right on the invitation for an added note of sweetness. A photograph of your baby dressed in white, symbolic of purity, is appropriate for a baptism or christening invitation – although there certainly aren’t any hard and fast rules.

Classic Black & White

"Classic Black & White"

An invitation template that includes space for multiple photos lets you feature close-ups of tiny feet and heavy eyelids.

Elegant Baptism

"Elegant Baptism"

A baby in his or her birthday suit, swaddled in soft blankets is also a sweet look for a baptism or christening invitation. A picture of mom and dad holding or kissing their precious baby is also lovely.

Delicate Frame

"Delicate Frame"

Choose a typographic layout to create a modern look for an age-old tradition.

Dedication Typography

"Dedication Typography"

Who to Invite If your baby’s baptism or christening is scheduled to take place during a regular church service, consider the size of your church before deciding how many people you’ll invite to attend. If your church only seats 50 people, for example, you wouldn’t want to invite 40 guests. You may also want to talk with the pastor, minister or priest about how many guests would be appropriate. Send invitations between four and six weeks in advance – especially for out of town guests who are likely to make the trip.

How to Celebrate You can feel free to send out an invitation just for the ceremony itself, but you should make it clear on your invitation what kind of party to expect – if any – after the ceremony. You might make a note on the invitation that guests will be welcome to join you for coffee and pastries in the church lounge after the service.

Baptism Script

"Baptism Script"

Or you can choose to host a party at a restaurant or in your home after the service.

Because different friends and family members might have different religious beliefs, you can feel free to make a note on your invitation – either printed or handwritten later – that attending the service is not a prerequisite to attending the party.  Guests who aren’t religious will appreciate being included in the occasion without having to relinquish their beliefs. And guests who find the occasion to be deeply spiritual will appreciate keeping the sanctity of the ritual.

And after the service, EVERYONE can agree that this is a baby who is loved.

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