Business Christmas Card Ideas for Your Office

Business Christmas Card Ideas for Your Office

Unique Office Christmas Card Ideas

The office Christmas card is an important part of the holiday season, whether it's mailed or casually handed out in the office. Business Christmas photo cards make it easy to show employees, leaders, customers, prospects, and partners how much they mean to the company. Designing these holiday photo cards online gives your company distinct creative freedom to include any photos, text, and design that you wish. The finished result is a fully custom business Christmas card that spreads cheer and warm holiday wishes.

Before you get started designing your corporate Christmas party invitations, first think about the audience. Knowing who your recipients are will help guide you in choosing the right theme and tone for your photo cards. Here are a few business Christmas card ideas to help you arrive at an attractive company greeting.


Consider spotlighting employees on the holiday cards.

Company Christmas greeting cards are sure to be a big hit when they feature the smiling faces of team members that recipients will recognize. You can organize different business holiday cards based on department so that more employees can get in on the fun.


Host a company Christmas Greeting card contest.

For even more memorable fun and festivity, add a touch of gamification. Inspire your employees with a company-wide Christmas card contest to see which department produces the most popular card. Then, offer a reward, a pizza party, or some company swag to the winners.

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Spotlight a product or service in a clever way.

Nothing says you can't carry company humor straight into your business Christmas cards. When you make your own custom holiday cards, your design and style possibilities are truly limitless. Use holiday props and snap some creative photos or have employees dress up to act out a funny message you want to share with the team. Put some of your hero products under a dazzling, decorated Christmas tree or find another fun and memorable scene for your customized company cards.

Choose folded cards if you wish to include a gift card.

When you make your own holiday cards for business or personal use, you enjoy flexibility in every aspect of the card creation. In some companies, it is customary to award employees with a holiday gift, particularly, a gift card. You can easily tuck the gift card inside the folded card or adhere it with tape or a sticker.

Enhance the card with elegant accents.

Create a custom business Christmas card with its own sparkle and shine. Lovely details like real foil and rounded card corners lend an exquisite touch of beauty to your holiday greetings. You can further uplift the look of your cards with delicate trim options such as double round, ticket, crest, or vintage crest.

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Lots of themes, templates, and personalized stickers allow you to create just the right look and feel for your Christmas cards. You can also work from a blank canvas to fully design your own corporate greeting.

A custom company Christmas card goes a long way in showing appreciation and extending the warmest wishes to important contacts. Take some time to put real thought into designing your own online cards. The company Christmas cards for your business contacts will bring plenty of holiday cheer while also showing off your creative side.

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