Christmas Card Beach Photo Ideas

Christmas Card Beach Photo Ideas

Everyone's heard of Christmas in July, but how about visions of the beach in December? That warm and wonderful vacation state of mind serves a relaxing purpose that is more than a welcome sight come Christmas time. A Christmas photo card featuring beach photos creates a lovely juxtaposition of hot and cold, summer and winter, and it's just lovely as a creative contradiction.

Beach Ideas For Your Photo Christmas Cards

Crafting beach photo Christmas cards can be a lot of fun as you work online to create the ideal style and design. Browsing through your beach photos may inspire a content and carefree mood and bringing them to life all over again spreads that happy feeling to those you know and love. Here are some creative Christmas photo card beach photo ideas to incorporate into your custom holiday greetings this year.


Welcome the holidays with a big family photo on the beach.

The ever-popular family photo on the beach is a surefire winner when it comes to choosing a frontrunner for your beach style Christmas photo cards. Take a look through your photos to find the best ones or plan in advance and schedule a photographer to capture the perfect beach images to use in your holiday cards.


Share a special announcement written in the sand.

If you are about to celebrate a big life change, consider announcing it in the sand in one of the pictures for your beach themed Christmas card. You might announce an engagement, saying, "She said yes!" or "We're engaged!" You may also wish to announce a pregnancy with "Arriving [Date]" or "Baby [Last Name] [Due Date]."

Adjust the color palette to create the mood you want for your greeting.

A pretty pastel scene paired with a beach photo conjures visions of sparkly sand, delicate shells, and foamy seawater. Check out the different background options and other color schemes to create the look and feel you wish to achieve. The wide range of possibilities makes it easy to create a fully custom card that invokes the exact emotion you're hoping to share.


Match your photo orientation with your card layout.

So many different Christmas card themes and templates make it easy to choose one that works great with your preferred image. You can create your beach photo Christmas cards in landscape, portrait, or even square card styles. Use Mixbook's convenient and user-friendly card editor to test different cards until you find one that you love.

Incorporate attractive accents and special effects to personalize your cards.

Online Christmas cards have come a long way in recent years, now allowing for so many wonderful customizations. When you make your own beach photo Christmas cards, consider whether you wish to include any fancy elements like metallic foil or rounded corners. You can also apply stickers and themed graphics to further enhance the look of your cards.


Sending out these beautiful beach Christmas cards will have you dreaming of your next big vacation, and the same likely goes for your recipients. Enjoy sharing your special memories with those you love as you send these beach photo Christmas cards with warmest wishes of cheer.

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