Christmas Photo Cards Ideas with Teens

Christmas Photo Cards Ideas with Teens

Creativity soars when you open the gates to all the possibilities. Choosing custom Christmas card templates should be your new holiday tradition that your family will enjoy, especially your teenagers. Teenagers have a long list of friends and family who would appreciate a holiday photo greeting card, from friends and teammates to parents, grandparents, and extended family.

Cute Ideas for Christmas Photo Cards with Teens

Personal style and creativity of expression run strong during the adolescent years, making custom Christmas photo cards a perfect project for this group. Here are some make your own Christmas card ideas for teens.


Check out the festive assortment of photo card themes and templates.

Christmas photo card templates exist for every theme regardless of how young or old, which adds lots of fun to the selection process. Consider designs for sleek holiday greetings, jolly winter graphics, or a playful burst of color to delight your teen as he or she creates personalized holiday cards.

Go rogue with a Christmas photo card template.

The more adventurous teen may wish to take the most creative route in designing Christmas photo cards from scratch. Teens get up to speed on technology pretty quickly and may even wish to create their cards offline and then upload the final artwork into Mixbook's user-friendly card editing software.


Enhance the Christmas cards with real foil.

Your teen's custom Christmas photo cards will reflect his or her own personal sense of style. It's easy to take things a step further with fancy accents like real metallic foil. Apply the foil to the main text, borders, and other elements of the holiday cards to add a little sparkle and shine.

Get playful with stickers and graphic accents.

Your son or daughter will love tinkering with the Christmas photo card designs until finding just the right one. The easy-to-use software accommodates layering and flexible positioning of graphics. Mixbook's collection of stickers, graphical elements, and text art allow for effortless personalization and lots of fun in creating a unique look for the holidays.

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Write your own words from the heart.

In addition to the images and artistic aspects, teens should use their voices in crafting special holiday messages. Poems or simple greetings would be a lovely enhancement to the custom Christmas cards with words coming right from the heart. Teens can also get creative by inserting funny holiday puns or jokes for a different twist on a favorite holiday tradition.


Consider all the different orientations and formats.

Teens can be very visual. The entire look and feel of the Christmas card depends on each individual element, even down to the orientation--portrait, landscape, or square in layout. Card designs may feature a folded style or a basic single sided flat print. Consider all of the options to arrive at just the right choice.

Go for an upscale look with exquisite trim options.

To put the icing on the cake, teens can choose from quite a few different styles of trim. This delivers a card that has an interesting border cut all the way around the card instead of just a basic rectangular card. Consider rounded corners, a crest, ticket style, and more.

When your teen creates a make-your-own holiday card online, the results will be beautiful to see. These Christmas cards by teens will become treasured keepsakes by family and friends who enjoy receiving the warmest wishes of the season.

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