Couple Christmas Photo Card Ideas

Couple Christmas Photo Card Ideas

As Christmas arrives again this year, it's time to start thinking about your holiday cards. If you're married or you have a romantic partner, you have the lovely option of sending a Christmas card together with your sweetheart. Custom photo Christmas cards are a popular choice with many couples choosing to combine efforts and send their season's greetings together. You can wish all of your friends and family a happy holiday with beautiful, unique photo cards reflecting your love and closeness as a couple.

Cute Ideas for Christmas Card for Couples

When you make your own coupleโ€™s Christmas cards, the possibilities are endless as far as the color scheme, design, theme, and photo or photos that you choose. Here are a variety of couple Christmas card ideas to get you started.


Share a photo captured during a major milestone.

The end-of-the-year holiday photo card offers a perfect canvas to showcase something important to you as a couple, such as an engagement, a marriage, a pregnancy, a new pet, or another key moment in life. Buying a new home, moving across the country, or going on a major vacation would also seem worthy of mention in a holiday card, especially if you'd like to share your new address with your contacts in a big way.


Spotlight the happiest picture of you both as a couple.

Find the picture that gives you the warmest feeling and upload it into the online photo card editor to see if it's a good fit for your custom Christmas couple photo card. You may be in Disney World or on a cruise or simply at home in your backyard. Whatever conveys the best feeling is probably your best bet.


Consider different card themes and layouts to find the best fit.

Consider landscape, portrait, and square formats as you make your own couple's Christmas photo card. You can also enhance the effects of your card with different color schemes and templates featuring holiday scenes and patterns like snowflakes, plaid, deer, evergreens, trees, and fancy script, among others.

Create your own Christmas photo card fully from scratch.

So many card themes and templates make it easy and convenient to find one that suits yourselves as a couple. However, if you'd prefer to make your own custom couple Christmas card fully from a blank canvas, Mixbook's user-friendly software allows you the opportunity to do just that. You can upload your designs and use the online editor to design a card front and back featuring your favorite photos and any text that you like.

Enhance the holiday card with creative accents.

To further enhance your couple Christmas card, simply apply stickers and graphical elements that reflect your personality and sense of style. You can go for blissful elegance with real foil metallic accents or take things in a more playful direction with some of the stickers. A fine array of text stickers and other designs also fall across many themes so that you can find just the right one for your needs.


Whatever you decide to do for your Christmas card as a couple, make sure you order enough cards for yourselves to keep one. This special holiday card will become a precious keepsake of your relationship that you can look back upon fondly over the years.

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