Editor Tip: Creating and Uploading Your Own Pages for Your Photo Book

Editor Tip: Creating and Uploading Your Own Pages for Your Photo Book

Although try as we might, Mixbook knows we may never have every single layout, sticker or background that you desire. But not to fear! While we may not have it in our database, you are always more than welcome to upload your own stickers and backgrounds into your projects! It’s as easy as uploading your photos! What about layouts you ask? This is definitely a possibility, although it does require a little more work and knowledge. If you are unable to produce the layout you wish with our editor tools, you can design your page in an outside program, such as Photoshop or InDesign. Once you’ve created the page, you can then upload it into your Mixbook project.

While this gives you complete designing freedom, there are a few guidelines to ensure the best print.

DO follow the background Uploading Tips.

The dimensions given in this tab are accurate for your book. Keep in mind, these dimensions change for each book size, so make sure you have selected the correct size! Although your photo editing program may see this as a large file, it will ensure that your page will print out beautifully in your Mixbook.

DO NOT forget to add the bleed dimensions given in the Uploading Tips box.

After creating your initial canvas, increase your canvas size by adding the second set of dimensions to the existing canvas.

DO fill your canvas with a solid color, before adding your bleed area.

With this solid color in place, you can view your bleed area or border. This allows you to bleed elements way off the page, or keep them from being trimmed.

DO NOT be afraid to really get creative. Seek out program tutorials so you can really learn all the tools it offers. While Mixbook is continually improving it’s editor, there are some features your photo editing programs may already offer. Make sure to take advantage of them!

To see a pre-made page created and uploaded into a Mixbook project, check out the following video: http://youtu.be/LBWVOWFzIRA

We can’t wait to see all the beautiful pages you’ll create with this new-found knowledge! Happy Mixbooking!

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