Editor Tip: Uploading Your Own Stickers and Backgrounds to Mixbook Photo Projects

Editor Tip: Uploading Your Own Stickers and Backgrounds to Mixbook Photo Projects

Here at Mixbook, we know that although try as we might, we will never have every single sticker, background, and theme that you're looking for. However, Mixbook prides itself on the customizability that our editor offers. If you ever find yourself at a loss for stickers or backgrounds, do not fear! We offer you the ability to upload your own elements to truly make your Mixbook yours. Uploading Stickers When uploading stickers into your Mixbook project, the key is to save the file as a PNG. This allows for the background of the “sticker” to be transparent. Luckily, most digital scrapbooking kits already come saved in this format. Below is an example of a file uploaded as a JPG and as a PNG.

The featured chipboard sticker can be found here.

As you can see, the PNG file has no white background and you can actually see through the “LOVE THIS” cutout. If that were a JPG file, the “LOVE THIS” area would be white. If your file currently does not end with PNG, you will need to open up the sticker in an editing program (such as Photoshop), and save the file as a PNG. MediaCollege.com has a great tutorial on how to achieve a transparent background.

To learn how to upload your own stickers, you can watch the following video:


*Sticker uploading tip: For best print quality, the longer side of your sticker should be greater than 2400 pixels.

Uploading Backgrounds The key to uploading backgrounds is to pay attention to the Uploading Tips that are displayed when you are in the Upload Content Tab.

You will want to pay special attention to the bleed area dimensions, which should be added to all four sides of the page. When designing your backgrounds, remember that your background should fully extend into the "Bleed" area to ensure perfect trims. If your background does not extend into this area, there may be a possibility of a white border on your page.

To learn how to upload your own backgrounds, you can watch the following video:


*Please note, in this video we are uploading a photo as our background. You will want to follow the same steps to upload your background file.

Now that you have this knowledge, let’s get to work on our projects! If you’re looking for some digital scrapbook kits, backgrounds, or stickers, make sure to check out two of our pin boards on Pinterest! Kits can be purchased here, and some freebies (because who doesn’t love some free stuff?) can be found here. Happy Mixbooking!

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