Cute Christmas Photo Card Ideas for Your Grandmother

Cute Christmas Photo Card Ideas for Your Grandmother

Custom Christmas card templates allow you to design the right heartfelt emotions of the holidays with those closest to you. When planning out your Christmas card list, one of the most important people to keep at the top is your grandmother. The bond between a grandmother and her grandchildren tends to be very strong. The love is unlike so many others--and a custom Christmas photo card for Grandmother should reflect that special bond.

Ideas for Christmas Photo Cards for Grandmothers


It's no secret that a grandmother will love any kind of card the grandchildren send her way. Crafting a personal message with a lovely photo of her favorite boys and girls becomes a special memory for the children as well. Here are a few tips on custom photo card ideas for Grandmother.

Create a grandchildren photo card collage.

Choose a few of your favorite photos from the year to make a Christmas photo collage card from the grandchildren to Grandmother. Pictures of each smiling face become the fabric in a quilt of memories displayed on a priceless holiday card. Consider also including a magnetic photo frame for her fridge so she can proudly display the card well after the holidays have come and gone.

Upload some of the children's own artwork into the card.

Bring some pint-sized artwork to life in a new way--on the holiday card! Encourage the grandchildren to make small holiday pictures using crayons, markers, or craft supplies of their choice. Then scan the artwork into a digital file and upload it into Mixbook's user-friendly card editing software. Your possibilities are endless in creating an artistic and personalized Christmas photo card for their grandmother.


Craft a handprint or footprint creation to include in the card.

Along the same lines, have the children create handprints or footprints with paint. Once they've dried, scan them into a digital file and effortlessly upload it into the online card-making system. Combine these precious and personalized graphics with some cute grandchildren photos to create the ultimate Christmas photo card for Grandmother.

Allow each grandchild to make his or her own Christmas card.

The feelings of accomplishment enjoyed by each of the grandchildren will be well worth the efforts of helping each to craft an individual Christmas card for their grandmother. Have the grandchildren write the entire card as well, choosing their own words, writing a poem, or for the little ones, have them write their own names in their handwriting and scan that into the card as well. Consider these ideas or help the kids run wild with their own as they put together a meaningful gift of love and creativity.

Spotlight a photo of Grandmother with her grandkids.

Design a cute photo Christmas card for Grandmom with a single large photo. Choose your favorite image of her with all of her grandchildren. This photo card gift will mean more than words and she'll be sure to enjoy looking at it all the time. Consider having a print or photo print gift made as well that she can place in a special location.

So many themes and templates await for a quick and easy photo card gift for Grandmother this year. Consider portrait, landscape, and square styles plus special accents like real foil, stickers, backgrounds, and more. It only takes a few moments to create a special memory to last a lifetime.

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