Dog Christmas Card Ideas

Dog Christmas Card Ideas

Cute Ideas for Christmas Cards with Your Dog

Few things are as heartwarming as man's best friend, especially come Christmas photo card time, because, face it, dogs just about always look cute and cuddly. Those soulful eyes, cold noses, soft fur, and wagging tails never fail in melting our hearts over and over again. This year consider spotlighting your adorable puppy in your seasonโ€™s greetings card instead of a traditional holiday photo card. People love animals and receiving your dog's cute mug on a Christmas photo card is sure to bring a smile to their faces.


Creating custom Christmas photo cards with your canine allows you to use the full stretch of your imagination to craft a loveable and memorable card. Here are a few dog Christmas card ideas to consider as you plan to spread holiday cheer with the help of your furry friend.

Capture adorable photos of your dog first.

Considering how cute your dog is, this step is a snap. Browse through your existing pet photos or take a new one specifically for the card. Make your own dog Christmas card photo shoot to give you a lot of options for the perfect shot. Set up your dog with holiday decorations and home accessories, a stocking with a huge dog bone, or even a photo shoot with Santa. You may also consider putting your dog at the table with Christmas cookies cut out with a dog bone cookie cutter. The creative possibilities for your dog Christmas card photos are virtually endless!


Consider the templates of your custom doggie Christmas card.

Make your own dog Christmas card from scratch with a blank cards or choose from one of Mixbook's countless themes and templates. You can find card designs in portrait and landscape layouts as well as unique square card options. Consider whether you'd like to spotlight one large image or a collection of smaller ones.

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 11.23.25 AM.png

Personalize your photo card using special accents.

Consider adding a personal touch to your holiday cards with lots of unique features offered through Mixbook's user-friendly online photo card editor. You can easily add or swap backgrounds, apply sticker graphics and text art, or even enhance your custom dog photo cards with real metallic foil accents.

Get creative with your text greetings.

Here is your chance to show off your creative sense of humor. Update the text greetings as you make your online dog Christmas card to coax a few laughs from your recipients. Try something like "Happy Howlidays" or "Season's Treatings" to play into the whole canine vibe.

Create a playful and funny dog Christmas card.

If you want to get a chuckle out of your contacts, consider choosing a funny picture of your dog this year. You could pick one of her soaking wet in a lake or surrounded by a big mess he made. You can also work with a cute photo and just add a funny caption. Just seeing a cute pet is enough to brighten someone's day.

Christmas Card for Dog.JPG

Embrace the adorable and bring it to life in a custom dog Christmas photo card. The holiday cards you create will become heartwarming keepsakes to you and others who know and love your special pet.

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