Celebrate Easter with a Greeting, a Meal, a Craft or a Hunt!

Whether you revel in the religious meaning, savor the beginning of spring, enjoy the opportunity to share a meal with family and friends – or all of the above – Easter is a wonderful time of year to spread joy with Mixbook greeting cards and invitations – and a lighthearted gathering too.

Say Some Bunny Loves You After a long, grueling winter, finding an Easter card from a friend or family member in your mailbox is a wonderful gift. Be the person to put a little love and levity in the mail by choosing from Mixbook’s selection of Easter greeting cards and customizing it with a photo or a personal message. Dress up your child – or even your pug, your tabby or your spouse – with a pair of rabbit ears in the Funny Bunny Easter card. Or decorate a favorite photo with bunny ears, cottontail and paw stickers on the Hoppy Easter card. If you choose a religious card like the Easter Cross greeting card, choose a photograph of the whole family decked out in Easter dresses and Sunday best. Other ideas for family photos include posed portraits with baby chicks, bunnies and lambs; children holding Easter-egg-colored balloons; garden shots with blooming tulips, daffodils, crocuses or cherry blossoms; a toddler discovering a hidden egg; or kids jumping for joy.

"Funny Bunny" Funny Bunny

"Hoppy Easter" Hoppy Easter

"Easter Cross" Easter Cross

Host an Easter Brunch or Easter Dinner Inviting friends and family over for a meal in honor of Easter is a wonderful way to mark the meaning of the occasion and celebrate spring. Keep your meal simple by serving a seasonal menu that can be prepared in advance, which is especially helpful if you’re out for church in the morning. A ham-and-cheese strata or an asparagus tart served with a lightly dressed salad is a perfect way to keep prep work straightforward and also minimize dishes once guests arrive. For the kids, make these quick and easy bunny brunch burritos.

"Baby Chicks" Baby Chicks"Elegant Floral"

Elegant Floral

Ham-and-cheese strata recipe: Ham and cheese strata

Tart with salad recipe: Tart Recipe

Bunny brunch burrito recipe:Bunny Brunch Burrito

Throw an Easter-themed Craft Party If you have a household with small children, an Easter craft party can be the event of the season. Send out Mixbook’s adorable Some Bunny party invitations, and have guests over for an afternoon of easy Easter crafts. It’s a nice way to turn the attention toward crepe paper and googly eyes (and away from jelly beans and Peeps). Pinterest is loaded with ideas for Easter-themed crafts, but among my favorite are Easter bonnets, bunny nose masks and baby chicks, little egg bees or fireflies that light up.

Easter Bonnets

Egg BeesEaster Crafts


For the older kids, mustache eggs or chalkboard eggs are perfect group activities. Simply gather multiples of each supply needed for one or two crafts, and set up a tidy little craft zone where kids are free to get creative. For a healthy snack, serve up whole-wheat Easter bunny pizzas and carrot sticks (of course) along with strawberries and watermelon.

Mustache Eggs

Easter Snacks

Host an Easter Egg Hunt Whether you’re hosting one other family or the entire neighborhood, it’s fun to put on a big egg hunt. Send out a card that makes it clear there’s an egg hunt on the books (for some families, it just wouldn’t be Easter without one). Food isn’t required for a simple egg hunt, but if it begins in the morning, parents will appreciate a table of bagels, coffee, fruit and juice. If the children of varying ages are attending your hunt consider staggering start times by age, setting up age-appropriate areas, or having eggs color-coded so big kids hunt for hard-to-find green eggs, for example, and little kids hunt for easy-to-find pink eggs. Make sure you have a prize for the one-and-only golden egg! Another fun Easter-themed game is simply filling a large pickle jar with jellybeans and having kids guess the number inside.

"Hidden Eggs"

Hidden Eggs

"Peek a Bunny" Peek A Bunny

"Egg Hunt" Egg Hunt

After the fun and celebrating is over, be sure to make an Easter photo book to remember the occasion!

Happy Easter! Happy Mixbooking!

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