Family Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Family Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Family Picture Ideas for Your Christmas Cards


The beloved tradition of sending photo Christmas cards now centers strongly on getting that perfect holiday family photo. Once you have your camera and have snapped your photographs , take your efforts online and find a lovely theme or holiday card templates for your custom Christmas card. Once you've found a great fit, it's then time to add the right words, sign, seal, and deliver. With Mixbook's dynamic and user-friendly software, you'll love how quickly and easily you can mark off Christmas photo cards from your holiday to-do list!

Use your imagination to come up with memorable family Christmas photo album ideas that will reflect the personalities of each person in your family. Here are a few family Christmas card photo ideas to arrive at another successful holiday greeting in the books.

Start with finding or snapping the perfect holiday family photographs.

Most of the time your online Christmas card creation process will be much easier once you already have the perfect photo. Take a quick peek through your favorite family photos from the current year and see if you have a standout shot. If nothing momentous happened this year--such as a wedding or a new birth--you may wish to use a photo from a fun vacation or another time throughout the year. Some families prefer to schedule family portraits and photography sessions with a professional photographer to come away with multiple holiday-themed images. These sessions can offer versatility in the style of your custom holiday card--giving you the option to showcase one stunning group shot or a collage of different images featuring all the family members. The bonus is that you'll also have a collection of images you can frame, post on your social media, or create into photo gifts for those special relatives.


Christmas Card Ideas for a Large Family

When you want to send out a family Christmas card from a large family, you have quite a few options to get the best look for such a crowd. First, consider choosing a single image Christmas card so that the faces each receive the maximum amount of real estate on the card. Second, consider a two-sided card that allows you to post a collage of smaller images on the back. When you take the big group photo, you can arrange all the subjects in rows--sitting, kneeling, standing, to maximize your space. Also, you may wish to consider just featuring the children on the front of the card, which lends a little flexibility to the more creative and playful poses.

Funny Family Christmas Photo Cards

Sometimes the beauty of the Christmas card is all about getting that laugh. As you make your own Christmas cards again this year, put your creativity to work in choosing an amusing image or one where you can inject some humor with a funny caption or greeting. To add to the humor of your photo, consider including props such as chalkboards with handwritten messages or tangles of holiday lights. You may also wish to carry a theme, like embracing the chaos (of holidays or kids) or something else relatable about life in general. Choose from the many themes and templates or create a blank card where you can add your own unique design and any text that you'd like.


Your friends and family look forward to seeing your smiling faces and hearing from the ones they love at this time each year. Be sure to put your best effort forward in creating an amazing family Christmas photo card again this year.

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