Creative Graduation Thank You Card Ideas + Happiness Advice

Creative Graduation Thank You Card Ideas + Happiness Advice


creative graduation cards and advice mixbook No matter how gifted your graduates are, they’re bound to be more successful if they know how to write a proper graduation thank-you note. In fact, many commencement speeches focus on the art of being grateful. Marilyn Lacey, in a speech given at Saint Joseph’s college, said:

“Did you know that it is actually impossible to be grateful and unhappy at the same time? … Don't take my word for it: try it. Try giving thanks for everything that comes your way – everything: the heartaches as well as the triumphs, the setbacks as well as the successes. The choice is yours: Unhappiness. Gratitude. You pick!”

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And, after all, what’s the point of education and self-betterment if not to make us happy. So – to find gratitude is to find happiness. Starting with your graduation thank-you notes. For each and every thank-you note your graduate writes, encourage them to:

Make it YOU Mixbook offers lots of graduation thank you cards designed to match your graduation announcements for a seamless aesthetic. But it’s also a nice opportunity – especially if your graduation announcement was on the more formal side – to diverge from the template and go a little more casual. When you express your appreciation to someone, you typically have a smile on your face, so it makes sense that the images you choose to feature on your thank-you card show your smiling face. You can use the same picture from your graduation announcement, but it’s a fun little twist to add a photo of you jumping for joy or doing a cartwheel or giving a fist-pump in the sunset. Make it campy, make it silly, make it YOU.

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Even if you chose a formal, typography-only style for your announcement – and want to keep the design the same for your thank-you note, you can use the Mixbook editor to add a photograph to the inside or reverse of the card.

Make it personal! Depending on how much support (i.e. how many graduation announcements you sent out – there’s a link for sure!), you garnered from family and friends, there could be a lot of thank-you notes to write. It doesn’t take an A+ in advanced calculus to figure out that a little pre-printed personality will save some hand-achingly tedious penmanship. We love the idea of printing your top 5 reasons to be thankful right on the card!  Everyone will appreciate it, and you’ll have less to write on each card. Simply find a blank portion of the template and use the Mixbook editor to add a textbox. Your reasons could be something like this:

Grad Thank You Card Ideas

My Top 5 Reasons to Be Thankful

  1. Constant support by my family.
  2. The opportunity to attend this amazing school.
  3. Exposure to teachers who left it all in the classroom every day.
  4. The existence of my awesome youth group.
  5. My coaches who pushed me to be better every single day.

When you truly take the time to reflect on how you’ve gotten to be the amazing person you are today, it becomes all that much more apparent who has helped you get there. Say thank you!

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Happy Mixbooking! Be grateful = Be Happy!

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Free - Mixbook-Inspired iPhone Wallpapers

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