Creative Christmas Card Photo Ideas for the Holidays

Be unique and creative with your Christmas cards this Holiday Season!

Be unique and creative with your Christmas cards this Holiday Season!

Creative Christmas and Holiday Card Ideas

It’s time to get going on your Holiday photo cards! We love how more and more families are bringing a fun-loving, creative approach to their Christmas card photo. Not only is it a great family tradition to snap a planned shot each year, it’s a great way to put your heads together and do something a little out of the ordinary. You can always fall back on school pictures or a photo snapped one morning before church, but friends and family will be extra delighted to see your personalities come through in a shot that’s completely unique to you. Here are this year’s top ideas for creating a Christmas card–worthy family photo:

Human Snowflake

Inspired from the lively holiday Gap ads from way back in 2009, we love the idea of having every family member dress up in wintry clothing, then pile into a human pyramids and human snowflake shapes. Have your photographer climb up on a ladder to snap a shot or two from above your formations, then have your photographer take a shot or two pointing up from beneath a cozy huddle.

Holiday Photo Opportunities

Christmas Tree Glow

If you get your Christmas tree up and decorated early, stage a shot that captures children basking in the magical glow of the tree. Use a tripod to stabilize your shot, then set your shutter speed for a longer exposure. You may have to tell your children that Santa is watching to get them to stand perfectly still.

Holiday Photo Ideas

Visions of Sugarplums

Instead of the ubiquitous photograph of the whole family sporting their red- and green-striped Hanna Anderssons in wide-awake smiles, snap a shot of your little sugarplums all tucked in under flannel sheets. Try to get one sweet shot of the kids pretending to sleep peacefully before they start bouncing around the bed. The “prize” for a successful photo shoot can be the opportunity to have a holiday themed pillow fight, which you can also capture for a collage-ready series.

Holiday Photo Opportunities

Christmas Light Hostages

Sometimes parenting can be such a futile act of trying to stay in control, that it’s fun to stage a mutiny for the sake of a silly photo. Have your photographer help wrap the parents in lit Christmas lights while the kids wreak havoc. Easy enough, right? Snap a series of shots to chronicle how quickly order spirals into chaos.

Holiday Photo Opporunties and Ideas

Family Hands Christmas Tree

We love this shot of a whole family’s worth of hands piled together to form the shape of a Christmas tree. Play around with a simple background and moody lighting to create a beautiful composition.

Holiday Photo Ideas 2013

Joyful Tantrums

To be truly joyful, you gotta find the humor in parenting. Snap a shot of your children in the midst of full-on meltdowns while they’re holding the letters that spell out JOY. Oh, beautiful contradiction!

Holiday Photo Idea

Little Tyke Christmas Tree

We love this shot of a Little Tyke car all decked out for the holidays. Snap a picture of your little scooter hauling a tiny tree. Put a tiny wreath on the “grill” and blow fake snow for added adorableness.

Christmas Photo Ideas

Christmas Photo Booth

Set up a home photo booth with all sorts of holiday-themed props from reindeer antlers to Abominable Snowman hats and Grinch masks. Have every member of the extended family – from babies to great-grandmas – take part in the game of dress-up. The results will produce a wonderfully playful collage for a holiday photo card.

Holiday Photo Props

Tiny Car + Cute Family Photo Op

If you have – or have access to – an adorable tiny car, consider staging a shot like this. We can’t think of anything more adorable than a Mini Cooper or a Fiat convertible topped with a tree and your sweet family poking their heads out from windows and boughs.

Holiday Photo Card Ideas

Funny Family Pyramid

If your family is acrobatically skilled, please – by all means – make this your Christmas photo. And, I beg you to post step-by-step instructions for how to pull it off so I can do this with my family.

Christmas Photo Opportunities

And…if you’re wheels aren’t turning yet, check out some ideas we’ve posted in the past… 5 Holiday Card Ideas That Will Coax Authentic Smiles Out Of Everyone or How To Make A Great Year In Review Holiday Card!

Happy Mixbooking! Happy Photo Opping!

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