How to Make a Photo Book

How to Make a Photo Book

Making a custom photo book to show off your favorite memories is now easy and fun, thanks to Mixbook’s easy to use online editor. Beautiful photo books become treasured keepsakes that are perfect to give as gifts or purely to grace your own coffee table or bookcase.

Building a Custom Photo Book from Scratch

Just uploading pictures to your custom photo book is a snap with Mixbook. Create your own elegant photo book using Mixbook's user-friendly software to design your custom photo book down to the details.

Getting Started on Your Personalized Photo Book

1. Log into your Mixbook account or create an account if you don't have one yet.

2. Hover over the Photo Books tab and choose a theme like wedding, baby, family, year in review, romance, seasonal, or everyday for a more general compilation.


3. You can choose to Start a Blank Book if you wish or click designs you like for a Quick Preview.

4. When you find the photo book template you wish to use, click Start Book.


5. A new window opens and asks you to add your photos. Choose how you will upload your photos:

a. From your device

b. From My Photos (previously uploaded photos)

c. Instagram

d. Facebook

e. Google Photos

f. SmugMug


6. If prompted, allow your social media or photo accounts to use Mixbook to access your photos.

7. Click Upload Photos and choose which images you wish to add to your Mixbook project. (Hold down the Command key to select multiple images.)

upload photos.gif

Adding Images and Extras to Your Photo Book

8. When you are asked if you would like to autofill your pages, choose Yes, Please or No, Thank You.

9. Begin by dragging and dropping images to fill the cover with your favorite shots.


10. Click the arrow beneath the photo book to turn to the next page.

11. Continue adding photos as desired.

12. If needed, you may select Add Photos to add more pictures to your photo book project.  

13. Choose the best fit for the photo using your cursor to hover over the multi-directional arrow, press directions using your arrow keys or click to drag and reposition the photo.

move pic.gif

14. Click the photo to zoom in, zoom out, rotate, flip, or edit the image.

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 6.04.51 PM.png

15. Easily personalize your contemporary photo book with stickers, borders, and other accents. Click Stickers to add graphics and word art to your photo book design.

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 6.06.24 PM.png

16. Click any object to resize or reposition the text or graphic. You may also click Edit to adjust shadows, colors, or special effects.

Mar-08-2019 18-10-36.gif

17. Click Preview to review your work and Order to complete your purchase.

18. Choose the size of your photo book along with paper type and cover style.

19. Click Add to Cart to complete your checkout.

Tips on Making Custom Photo Book

Personalizing your custom photo book is simple using Mixbook's design software.

• If at any point you need to add more pages to your photo book, click the down arrow on the Page Tools tab and select Add Blank Page or Add Theme Page.

• Click Layouts to decide how many photos and what arrangement would look best.

• Add your own personal text throughout the book to capture special sentiments.

Mixbook's photo book software allows you to effortlessly arrange photo displays throughout the book's pages. Creating keepsake photo albums is easier than ever with a wide array of photo book themes or the ability to begin with a blank canvas to create your own perfect photo book.

7 Simple Tips for Starting a Custom Photo Book From Scratch

7 Simple Tips for Starting a Custom Photo Book From Scratch

Our Frequently Asked Questions, Answered!

Our Frequently Asked Questions, Answered!