Mother's Day Cards and Gift Ideas

For all the moms in your world, create Mother's Day cards that are far better than anything you could find premade. We know you’ve got tons of creativity and inspiration, but since you don’t necessarily have the time to dream up, design and print a homemade card from scratch, Mixbook offers plenty of templates that let you customize what counts – from photographs to specific heartfelt sentiments.

Mother's Day Cards and Gift Ideas

Moms, MILs (aka mother-in-laws), step moms, grandmothers and God mothers will love getting a card in the mail that was crafted just for them. Here are our favorite ways to flex your creative muscles without hiring an agency to do the grunt work.

Top 5 Mixbook’s Five Reasons Mom card lets you list the top reasons you love her next to a great photograph of you together. Extra points for all the wacky and wonderful reasons you worship the ground she walks on.

Mother's Day Cards

Poetry The Wordplay Mother’s Day card spells “mother” from all the attributes she embodies: amazing, wonderful, stunning, thoughtful, devoted, gracious. Extra points for using the blank space on the card’s reverse for creating another word poem out of the letters of her name.

Mother's Day Cards

Extra, Extra: Mom Rules! Break the best story in town with your very own tabloid touting the unrivaled talent of your mom with Mixbook’s The Mommy Times card. Borrow from the language we fit to print, or write up your own sensational story.

Mother's Day Cards and Gifts

Grandma’s Great Everyone knows that mom’s the bomb, but don’t forget the grandmothers! Mixbook’s Pattern Collage card frames a portrait of the matriarch in a quilt-inspired ditsy floral pattern plus complementary colorblocks.

Mother's Day Cards And Gift Ideas

Illustrated Floral Note Cards If you’re looking for a great gift to complement your custom card, go for personalized note cards. If there’s a mom in this world who doesn’t love custom stationery, we have yet to meet her. Whether her style’s feminine and sweet, modern and bold, or fun and frivolous, Mixbook has sets of cards perfect for printing with her lovely name. We adore the universal appeal of the Illustrated Floral Note Cards – with its true blue color, graphic design and botanical nature – but there are many other great designs to choose from.


Address Labels Home sweet home. What would it be without mom? As the perfect pairing to a set of note cards, send her a set of custom return address labels. Having them on hand is one of those simple pleasures she’ll enjoy every time she puts a letter in the mail.

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Happy Mother’s Day! Happy Mixbooking!

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FACT: The Best Mother’s Day Gift in the World is a Personalized Photo Book