Four Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I try my best to show my mom how much I adore her every day – mostly by just calling and being in touch. But despite the fact that I probably say “I love you” twelve times before we hang up (not because we’re weirdly saccharine, mostly because we say goodbye then think of something else to say, then go through the process again), there’s more I can and should do. Showing affection is important, but since it’s often encumbered in the context of daily logistics, reminders and asks, its impact is diluted.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

This Mother’s Day, take the time to do something that shows you spent some focused time dedicated to her – asking nothing in return. Here are my four favorite Mother’s Day gifts – they’re personal, meaningful and crafted just for her:

Family Yearbook There is no mother in the world who isn’t intending to create a memory album. Surprise her by choosing a year or two of your family history, organizing the photos, and uploading them into a custom Mixbook. Not only will she love to page through the album and reminisce about all the happy times gone by, she’ll be thrilled that the task has been done for her. Use the quick and easy Mixbook smart editor to flow photos into the template of your choice, then add captions and poems that are meaningful to your family.

 "Family Memoirs Theme" Family Yearbook Family Yearbook

Roses Are Red, My Mother is You Mothers play such an important role in our lives, it’s not surprising to discover there’s an incredible amount of great poetry written about them. Create a photo book that celebrates mom by illustrating poetry that captures the beauty of your mom. You can choose one long poem, placing a line or two on each page next to gorgeous photos of her, or pick several poems to intersperse throughout your book. Add a poem or two written by each member of the family. You can even craft a poem written from your pet’s perspective for a little lighthearted humor.

"Bold Mother's Day Florals" Bold Mother's Day Florals

Mother Knows Best Create a photo book that celebrates everything you love about your mom. With plenty of room for photos, plus lots of sweet and funny captions built in, Mixbook’s Mom-isms template is ideal. Include lots of photos of mom with family, but make sure to also celebrate the things that mom does that make you proud, for example, you can include shots of her looking spiffy as she heads off to work, walking or running in an organized event, decked out in her bike gear, volunteering for a charity, participating in church activities, shopping at the farmers’ market, etc. Mom will absolutely adore that you appreciate all the many facets that make her unique and extra special.


Custom Stationery And, finally, every woman loves custom stationery that’s beautiful to look at and a pleasure to write on. Knowing how she’s constantly keeping pace with all the obligations in her life makes the simple act of sitting down to write a personal note that much more special. You can even make giving the gift of custom note cards a whole experience. Block out a few hours so mom can have some time to herself. Set up her desk – preferably facing a view of the outdoors with the doors to the garden flung open – with a steaming cup of tea, a bowl of fruit and a nice pen. She can catch up on some thoughtful correspondence with friends and family, then curl up for a much-needed nap.

"Illustrated Floral" Illustrated Floral

"Blossom" Blossoms

Whatever Mother’s Day gift you choose, have fun with the process and always add a little touch here and there to make her day just what she wants. 

Happy Mixbooking! Word to the mothers!

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