5 Ideas for Personalized Valentine’s Day Photo Books


Personalized Valentine's Day Photo Books Ideas

If you are looking for personalized Valentine's ideas for this year, look no further than custom photo books. Whether you claim you just couldn’t fit your feelings in a standard card or you simply want to create a chronicle of you and your love, a photo book for couples is a great way to put words to memories. It’s always fun to have a little time capsule of the way your love is now. After all, the best romances evolve over time making who you are together this year just a little different form last year – or next! Use a personalized photo book to reminisce a little bit about all you’ve done together and all the moments that brought you closer. And add captions that say what you appreciate about your partner. The great thing about the Mixbook Valentine’s Day themes is that they’re versatile enough to accommodate as much or as little text as you’d like to include. So was poetic about your love or keep it short and sweet! Here are my five favorite ideas for a Valentine’s Day themed custom photo book that will be a wonderful gift on February 14th and a treasured keepsake in the years or decades to come.

Our First Custom Valentine’s Day Photo Book

If your romance is young, you may be celebrating your very first Valentine’s Day together. Take this opportunity to reflect on the wonderful moments of these past months and create a personalized memory book in the process. Even though love tends to get better with age, you’ll always cherish the early days of your courtship. Do it justice with a book that celebrates those pivotal moments when you realized the two of you had a good thing going. Mixbook’s Love Birds template is ideal for showcasing the lighthearted wonder of newfound love. In addition to including photos of the two of you together, scan ticket stubs for movies and performances you attended together as well as menus from special meals. If there’s something that always makes you laugh together, include references to your funny little inside jokes too.

Love Birds Photo Book
Love Birds

Our Photo Book of Personal Love

Whether you’ve just gotten engaged or you’ve been married for a decade or three, it’s fun to take some time to tell the story of your relationship. Everyone’s love story is worth telling, whether it resembles a classic fairytale or it’s the fortuitous result of an online dating service. Mixbook’s Our Story template chronicles everything from weekend getaways to shared celebrations with candid shots and plenty of room for storytelling along the way.

Our Story
Our Story Spread

The History of Valentine’s Day Photo Album

(As We Know It)

If you’ve been together for five years or more, it can be fun to look back on all your Valentine’s Days together. I just celebrated my tenth wedding anniversary with my husband, and we often find ourselves trying to remember how we celebrated holidays in the past. I think it would be a fun treat to gather all that information in a photo book along with photographs and little details of where you had dinner, what you gifted each other and a few other details that made each particular Valentine’s Day unique. On the last page of your Valentine’s Day history book, take the opportunity to dream up what you hope to be doing on Valentine’s Days in the future.

History Book

Let Me Count the Ways I Love You Photo Book

Mixbook’s 10 Reasons Why I Love You template lets you rattle off all the reasons your partner’s a Perfect Ten. Simply make a master list of all his or her best traits and include photos to illustrate those qualities. A custom Valentine’s Day Top-Ten photo book is far more special than a card – and just as easy to put together.

10 Reasons Why I Love You
10 Reasons Why I Love You Pages

The Cutest of Cupids Photo Album

Kids make the cutest cupids of all. Whether you’re creating a Valentine’s Day gift for your littlest love or collaborating with your child to make a Valentine’s Day photo book for the grandparents, the possibilities are endless. Create a book using the 10 Reasons Why I Love You template listing off your kid’s best qualities, or have your child come up with all the funny reasons why he or she cherishes a family member. Or simply put together a photo book using Mixbook’s Be Mine template that features a series of pictures that capture the warmest affection, from snuggles with grandma to big bear hugs with dad.

Be Mine
Be Mine Pages

Happy Mixbooking! Happy Heart Day!

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