Tips to Create the Perfect Sorority, Preschool and Academic Club Yearbooks

Tips to Create the Perfect Sorority, Preschool and Academic Club Yearbooks

A memory book yearbook is the perfect way to commemorate a year of friendship, fun and adventures with school friends - and Mixbook has all the photo book templates you need to create one.

Sorority Yearbook Page Ideas


Use these tips to get started on yours. 

Tips to Create the Perfect Sorority, Preschool and Academic Club Yearbooks


 You can create your own yearbook for your sorority, your preschool class or an academic club - or any other group - with these tips:

•   Gather more content than you think you'll need

•   Create a content outline

•   Get creative

•   Edit


Step 1: Gather More Content Than You Think You'll Need

If you're like most people, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the number of memories you can build in a year - or a semester, depending on the yearbook you're creating. You'll need to pull together:

•   Photos (even if you don't think they're good, because you can edit them later)

•   Dates and times of special events, as well as any write-ups on the events

•   Quotes, names and ages of the students involved in your group

Ask other members of the group, teachers and chaperones, parents and others to submit photos and stories. Don't forget to mention field trips, team events, sports and recreation, and other big events. 

Get inspired: Check out this Preschool Online Yearbook

Yearbook Content Tips From the Pros

•   Ask people to contribute by emailing you photos or tagging you in them on social media, or set up an online storage account where people can contribute.

•   Give people a deadline to submit photos and content, and send out weekly reminders before you create your outline.


Step 2: Create a Content Outline

For most yearbooks, chronological is the way to go - you'll start at the beginning of the year and work forward to today. Create your photo book outline and plan to dedicate a couple of extra pages to special events.

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Yearbook Content Outline Tips

•   Plan to start with a note from the principal, club president, house mom, coach or mentor

•   Use general photos from the beginning of the year in the next pages

•   Do a "Meet the Club" section that includes photos of everyone involved

•   Plan for full photo pages showing special events

 • Create an "Autographs" page or two in the back of the book

Step 3: Get Creative with Your Yearbook

 Use your outline to group pictures, quotes and stories from throughout the year. Choose your layout based on the number of photos you want to include. For example, you can pick a nine-photo grid layout if you want to show multiple angles of one event - or you can choose a full-page, one-photo layout for a group picture and add a caption.

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 Tips for Choosing the Right Layout

•   Make sure you have at least one photo of everyone involved - and if you don't, schedule a last-minute get-together so you can capture a few special moments

•   Pick a layout that goes with your theme

•   Remember, you can change fonts, colors and decorative elements throughout your yearbook

Mixbook Tip: Choose a grid layout to mix quotes, stories and information with photos, like this Private School Yearbook does.

 Step 4: Edit Your Yearbook


When you've added all your pictures, captions and stories, flip through the sample copy Mixbook generates. Be on the lookout for grammar problems, pictures that clash with each other, and other errors you can fix with a few clicks. Don't create the book right away, though. Get a fresh set of eyes on the book before you publish it - you may have missed an easy fix.

 Putting together your yearbook is easy when you know what to include and how to lay it out. We'd love to see your creativity in action, so share a photo of your yearbook on social media and tag it with #MixbookMoments (or tag us @Mixbook) - we may even put your work on our center stage!

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