Tips on Decorating Your Office Space

And what pops up in our mind during our time at work? Our home. No matter how much you love your job, you want your office space to bring you the similar comforts that your home does. And if that’s the case, why not make your cubicle look more homey and make it the talk of the office?

How Do Your Photo Habits Stack Up?

We’re always excited to learn more about how people are taking and using their photos. And, we thought Mixbook customers would like to see what other people do and get some new ideas. We recently completed an informal survey of 750 consumers to better understand their photo habits and to learn their plans for 2019. Below, we share a few of the key findings.

Spring Bridal Shower Ideas

Host the bridal shower of a lifetime for the bride by working in fresh spring themes into the event decor. Create a marvelous event for your loved one with customizable and personalized photo gifts and decor. Below are a few ideas you can use to help make this a special day!

How to Make Mini Booklets

Making mini photo books can be the perfect way to share some of your favorite memories with those near and dear to you. A tiny photo book from a vacation shared together serves as a great reminder of how much fun you had and how many more memories may be in the wings. Mini photo booklets also work great as grandparent gifts, bridesmaid gifts, and for so many other creative ways to show someone you care.

3 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

The coming of spring brings about many changes. Along with warmer weather comes the motivation for us to get up and get going on our ever-growing to-do lists. It’s an opportunity to clear both your mind and your home, hitting the refresh button as we move into a busy time of year.