Girls Baby Shower Invitations

Fully customizable designs, starting at $1.36

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Girls Baby Shower Invitations

Fully customizable designs, starting at $1.36

The birth of a child is certainly one of the most exciting events anyone can experience during their lifetime. The anticipation of a little girl entering everyone's life can seem overwhelming. There's a lot of preparation to go along with the excitement, keeping everyone busy. Planning a baby shower is typically one of the tasks involved in getting ready for this bundle of joy. Why not add to the fun and stylishly invite your guests to attend the celebration with tailor-made baby girl shower invitations with your own photos? You can individualize the photo invitations completely for the mother-to-be using her favorite baby-girl colors and a picture portraying her with the little one hidden beneath her clothes. Be sure to include pertinent details so your guests arrive at the correct location promptly at or before the time you need them to be there. If you plan to play games, you may want to mention that as well. Oh yes, the locations for the mom-to-be's registry should also be included to allow your guests to shop for desired items while avoiding duplicating purchases.

About Our High Quality Girl's Baby Shower Photo Invitations

Our high quality girl's baby shower invitations are available in five sizes and six trim options. The majority of the invitations offer a flat format, while several foil options are also available. The newest format addition is birth announcement magnets that provides the perfect keepsake for everyone. For this particular invitation style, you have the option to go with a single photo or no photo at all. While you may not have a photo of the beautiful baby girl yet, you may have one of her hiding beneath her mommy's clothing. You have three choices when it comes to photo orientation - portrait, square, and landscape. Just pick the one that makes the photo you are using look perfectly arranged on the baby shower invitation.

Each baby girl shower template is professionally designed to offer unique characteristics and stylish themes. You can choose the one that you think fits the theme of the baby shower best. Simply add the details needed to customize the invitation, selecting girly colors and images to create the perfect result. A crisp envelope accompanies each invitation, allowing you to mail it right away to friends and family members.

Gift Ideas and Trends for Baby Girl Shower Photo Invitations

Each baby girl shower invitation makes a wonderful keepsake for the mom-to-be, grandmothers, aunts, and anyone else who wants to savor the sweetness of this moment later on in life. You can easily find a photo frame that fits around the card or include it in a custom photo book filled with pictures from the baby shower. Magnetic girl's baby shower invitations are also becoming increasingly popular, particularly because they are easily displayed at school, work, and home. If you choose magnet cards, you may want to consider your choices more carefully with the knowledge that they are going to be displayed.

Customize your girls baby shower invitations online with our easy-to-use editor. You can completely personalize your invitation to make it reflect the style of the mom-to-be. There is nothing quite as magical as the anticipation of a new baby. A shower for the expectant mother is a wonderful way to celebrate this exciting time with friends and family members. Whether you choose to include a photo or stick with our graphic and text-based designs, you can completely customize your invitation to make it reflect the style of the mom-to-be. The design you choose is also a great way to hint at the theme of the party your plan to throw.

What Our Customers Have to Say about Our Girl's Baby Shower Invitations

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