Funny Christmas Card Ideas for the Holidays

Funny Christmas Card Ideas for the Holidays

Part of the beauty of sending out Christmas photo cards each year is the ability to fully customize your design. From sentimental to adorable, humorous, and everything in between, you can use your imagination to come up with a perfect holiday greeting that reflects your personality and sense of style. In addition to traditional photo Christmas cards, many people are turning to funny Christmas card ideas. These funny styles often feature funny photos, funny greetings and card text, or both, and you won't believe how easy they are to make.

Ideas for Funny Christmas Cards

When making your own hilarious Christmas card, choosing just the right photograph is the first step. You can pick a favorite from the current year or schedule a holiday photo session to try and capture a few stellar images to use. Once you have an image in mind, now comes the fun part. Now you'll go online and design a custom funny Christmas card using themes and templates to create a look that you love. The process is just as flexible as it is simple. Here are a few funny pictures ideas for your Christmas card to get you started.

Choose a funny image that speaks for itself.

The funniest moments often occur completely without warning. If you're lucky enough to catch something like this on film and it's appropriate for your family and friends, you may have just hit the funny Christmas card jackpot.


Play up a favorite image with funny text.

Sometimes it's easier to take a regular photo and make it funny. You can simply add custom text to your funny holiday cards to inject a touch of humor.

Get your kids or pets in on the fun.

When it comes to being funny, usually kids and pets have already got it covered. Consider spotlighting your children or your pets on your holiday cards this year and let the natural amusement take over. You can also stage a funny photo shoot or add some funny text to create an entertaining piece of holiday mail.


Personalize the card with special accents and details.

As you make your own custom Christmas card, you can add a little character with graphics and stickers. These come in many shapes, colors, and styles, with words and phrases available as additional options. You might also consider rounded corners for your Christmas cards or a touch of metallic foil for added shine.

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Don't forget about the envelopes!

Even if you've decked out your Christmas cards to the nines, you still have room to dress up the envelopes. Consider using old school sealing wax and metal stampers to create festive impressions in real wax. You can also emboss your address onto the envelopes using an embosser or simply add a holiday design with a rubber stamper and inkpad. This extra step sets your card apart from the rest of the mail pile and creates a nice little tradition every year come Christmastime.


Crafting a funny Christmas card gives a rewarding feeling since you know your friends and family are bound to smile or chuckle when they open your card. Funny Christmas photo cards also tend to be some of the most memorable ones, so enjoy delighting your favorite people this holiday season.

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