How to Make Mini Booklets

How to Make Mini Booklets

Making mini photo books can be the perfect way to share some of your favorite memories with those near and dear to you. A tiny photo book from a vacation shared together serves as a great reminder of how much fun you had and how many more memories may be in the wings. Mini photo booklets also work great as grandparent gifts, bridesmaid gifts, and for so many other creative ways to show someone you care.


Make Your Custom Mini Books

Creating your own mini photo booklets is just like making a regular photo book. Browse through the different themes and templates available and choose one that matches the vibe you're hoping to achieve with your custom booklet. Mixbook's user-friendly editing and design software makes it easy to create just the right look and feel for your smaller, custom photo booklet. Follow these steps to create a lovely volume of memories:

1. Sign into your Mixbook account to get started or create a username and password if you are a new customer.

2. Hover over Photo Books and choose whichever theme best matches the type of photo book you wish to create. Some choices include family, kids, baby, wedding, travel, or romance, but you can create a book with any theme you like.

3. Click Start a Blank Book for a fresh canvas or browse through the available themes.

4. Click an image to see a preview of that book theme. Click the X to close it or click Start Book to begin crafting your custom booklet.

5. A new window opens and asks you to add your photos. Choose how you will upload your photos:

a. From your device

b. From My Photos (previously uploaded photos)

c. Instagram

d. Facebook

e. Google Photos

f. SmugMug

6. If prompted, allow your social media or photo accounts to use Mixbook to access your photos.

7. Click Upload Photos and choose any images you would like to add to your Mixbook project.

8. Click Add to Project when you are done choosing images.

Personalizing Your Mini Photo Booklets

9. Drag and drop photos into the placeholders, beginning with the cover. You may need to be selective, depending on how big of a booklet you wish to make.

10. Click the arrow next to Spine - Front Cover to turn the page.

11. Continue dragging and dropping photos into the pages as you please.

12. Choose the best fit for the photo using your cursor to hover over the multi-directional arrow, press down, and reposition the photo.

13. Click the photo to zoom in, zoom out, rotate, flip, or edit the image.

14. If you need to add more photos, click Add Photos on the left and choose how you will add more photos.

15. Click Add Text if you wish to enter any captions, memories, or details.

16. Double-click to type your text or click once to change the font, font color, font size, and other styles.

17. If desired, click Layouts to change the layout style of a page or spread. Choose how many photos you'd like to feature and click the layout design that you like best.

18. You may also click the tab for Stickers to see graphics and text art that you can include.

19. Once you are done, click Preview to review your book from cover to cover.

20. Click Edit to go back and make changes to your book.  

21. Click Order, choose paper type, cover style, and quantity, and then click Add to Cart to complete your purchase.


The photo booklets you create will become treasured keepsakes for life. Give them to family and friends for a holiday photo cards, birthday photo invitations, or just to show you care. Create your own little volume of mini books showing off some of your favorite trips or to celebrate an individual person in your life. Use your creativity and life's inspiration to keep those memories alive in a compact photo book for a lifetime to come.

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