8 Unique Wedding Thank You Card Ideas

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How to Make Truly Unique Wedding Thank You Cards 8 Distinctive Ways

I wrote a post a while back about how writing thank-you notes is far more than just proper etiquette, it’s good for your marriage. And whether you send traditional thank you cards or more creative ones, they’re bound to have a few things in common. Every thank you note should begin with a salutation followed by a customary note of appreciation that touches on the specific joy that the gift you received will bring you and your spouse—closing with a note about future times together. But how, exactly, you execute on those elements is entirely up to you. Each of the following wedding cards with thank-you themes with ideas employs varying degrees of customization, just remember that it’s ultimately very important—no matter how heartfelt the preprinted text on your note is—that each person feels singled out. In other words, there’s no way around adding at least a little handwritten text.

1. Share the Spoils

Have your wedding photographer snap a photograph of you and your brand-new spouse wearing expressions of great surprise and standing next to the gift table. For your custom thank-you cards, simply upload your photo into the Mixbook editor. With each card you send, hand-draw an arrow pointing to a gift in your loot pile with a few pithy words like “score!” or “yesssss!” or “yeah, baby!” And if it’s your grandma you’re thanking, maybe stick with something a little more conservative like, “our favorite gift!”

2. Post-Wedding Pose

Plan to take a “thank-you” photo between your ceremony and reception. Simply prep a banner that reads “thank you!” and have your wedding photographer take a shot of you holding the banner between you. We love the shot Jessican Jenae took, which was featured on the CT Designs blog. Friends and family will love getting a professional photo from the wedding along with your handwritten thank-you note!

Wedding Thank You Card Ideas

3. Chronicle the Fun

Thankfully, opening gifts at the wedding is not customary. And that’s a good thing because it’s fun to open gifts in private while you’re dreaming of the future with your fiancé. But you can give friends a family a glimpse of the fun by snapping photos of each other opening gifts and creating a photographic collage that shows the joy of tearing open the wrapping paper and setting up your home together. Simply use one of Mixbook’s layouts that accommodates lots of pictures. Then leave plenty of space on the reverse to jot a handwritten thank-you note.

4. Go a Little Mad(Libs)

Create a lively standard thank-you note that applies to everyone who participated in your wedding, gave you a gift, or both. Then leave out a few nouns and adjectives Mad Libs–style for a fun thank-you note that you can upload as a jpeg into our Mixbook template, then fill in for each thank-you card you send. Just make sure you scrawl a personal note somewhere on the card to make the gift-giver feel special. The Knotty Bride has a great Mad Libs template for just this purpose!

Mad Libs Idea

5. Strike a Pose

Stage a funny photo of you and your spouse interacting with as many gifts as possible at once—the quirkier the better. Think: toasting Champagne flutes while leaning back in repose on that new picnic blanket with all your new China spread out in front of you and pieces from your new croquet set scattered about the grass. Naturally, there’s Champagne in that new ice bucket at arm’s reach. The more items you can incorporate into your shot the better, but make sure you tie it all together in a somewhat unified composition. This shouldn’t just be a photo of you amidst all your loot. Upload your photo right into the Mixbook editor, then drop it into your thank-you note. Leave plenty of room on the reverse for a personal note.

6. Wear Your Thanks

Another posed photo idea is having a friend snap a photo of you and your spouse wearing a shirt that reads “thank you!” We love how Martha Stewart Weddings styled this shot.

7. Typographic Gratitude

Write a missive that captures your sincerest feelings of appreciation for all friends and family did to make your day magical. You can either borrow from the words here or craft some words that are completely unique to you by mentioning specifics of your wedding and your experience. Use a text box within the Mixbook editor to add your message to one side, then play around with fonts and sizing to create a striking typographic layout.

Bracketed Typography

Bracketed Typography

8. Wax Poetic

If you’re a poet and you know it, craft a simple haiku that captures the essence of your thankfulness in its simple three-line structure. Friends and family will either marvel at your uncanny ability to distill your gratitude down to such a graceful expression of praise or they’ll giggle at your (hopefully intentional) sophomoric attempt to capture the magnitude of your big day in a mere 17 syllables. Simply drop your haiku right into a text box on your Mixbook card.

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