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How to Make a Digital Scrapbook Online With Free Software

We're committed to helping you make digital scrapbooks and photo books that will last a lifetime. From your camera to your computer, creating memory books is easy, with Mixbook!

  • Make an online scrapbook in an instant. Pick a template, digitally upload your photos and we can do the work for you.
  • Choose from our growing library of stickers and backgrounds. You can pick and choose the stickers and backgrounds that will make your book special. You can even upload your own designs if you’d like!
  • Print out your beautiful book without breaking the bank. Our photo books are printed on quality archival silk 100 lb. paper with full photo wrap covers. The paper we use is acid and lignin-free so your scrapbook pages won’t yellow over time. Your scrapbook designs will be vibrant and lasting!

Take a look at our Year In Review photo books.

Digital scrapbooking is easier than ever with online platforms like Mixbook. Powerful software allows you to create your special project in less time and with less effort than anyone thought possible years ago. Plus, you don't need scissors and don't have any mess to clean up once your creation is completed. Online scrapbooking allows you to create a meaningful project crafted with vivid colors, clean lines, clear images, and all of the special effects that make this type of project so fulfilling and beautiful. Capturing special moments digitally is an American pastime. It seems like everyone is doing it. If you are part of the "Let me snap this photo, now" group, perhaps it is time for you to turn your images into beautiful tailor-made scrapbooks or photo cards that you can share with friends and loved ones.

About Our High Quality Digital Scrapbooking Online

Our make-your-own online scrapbooking services are designed for everyone. Our easy-to-use digital software simplifies the process, while our extra features make it possible to add fancy details and unique features to each page. Our lay flat photo books are crafted with premium paper and designed to stay perfectly flat, an improvement over traditional scrapbooks that were bulky with pages that never stayed in place. Each cover is designed to resist warping while offering a beautiful exterior for your online scrapbooking project. You stay in charge of all creative decisions, selecting the features you want while discarding options you have no interest in using. The ability to turn your photos into a gorgeous memento is reason enough to begin your personalized online scrapbooking project now.

Gift Ideas and Trends for Online Scrapbooking

Memory books are meant to capture important moments in your life or the life of someone you love, preserving them for future generations. Each custom memory book template is designed with premium materials, ensuring they are up to the task. Consider making a personalized book to give to your children's grandparents or godparents for a birthday or special celebration for a cool surprise. A wedding anniversary offers the perfect occasion to gift a memory book to your loved one, sibling, or parents. While traditional aspects such as using distinctive photos and short captions are still in vogue, newer trends focus on using larger, single photos on each page rather than grouping them together. The accent is clearly placed on a "special moment."

What Customers Are Saying

"I have used Mixbook many times over the last ten years. It is by far the best tool for putting together a photo book. It has the best tools, the best graphics, the best customer service, and gives you the most flexibility in terms of content. It is amazing!" - Martha

"I love how easy it is to edit in Mixbook, even if you choose a theme you are not restricted to the fonts and styles within that theme. I have made a photo book for my family every year for the past 6 years and am always extremely happy with how they come out." - Emily

"I had a great time putting my book together and picking out different backgrounds for the pages. I felt that my book turned out great! It made great gifts for my grandchildren." - Rainey