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Up to 50% Off! Up to 50% Off + More! Code: NOVGIFT19 Ends: 11/13 Details

Get a $1,000 scholarship

To help pay for college

Submit an essay for a chance to win Mixbook’s photography inspired scholarship.

How to apply


Mixbook is the most powerful design tool to create fully customizable photo products like books, cards, calendars and wall canvases. We've dedicated ourselves to bringing you the best experience in creating professional quality photo products that truly reflect your vision for years to come.

What we're looking for

At Mixbook, we’ve helped millions of people tell their story through photographs. Now, we want to hear a story from you.

Through our scholarship program, two college students will be granted $1,000 scholarships each to be used towards their education.

How to apply

Write an original essay (max. 1000 word count) that answers one of the following questions:

Question 1

You just became a viral sensation on the internet (either on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. - you pick the social media platform). What’d you go viral for? .

Question 2

You’re a photographer and have been asked to take some portraits. Who are you taking photos of and why?

In the email, please include:
  • Full name
  • University you attend
  • Major
  • Expected graduation date
  • Contact information (email, phone number)

Deadline to apply has passed

June 1, 2017, 11:59 pm pst

5 9
0 8
3 5
Winners will be notified by email in June 2017. Award will be sent to the winner prior to the start of the school year and made payable to the enrolled university.


  • Must be enrolled, or will be enrolled, in a full-time college or university program
  • Essays must be original work, and can not be previously published or have won awards
  • Must be suitable for publication (i.e., language, content, etc.)
  • Only one submission per applicant
  • Essays can be submitted in .dox, .docx, or .pdf format
  • Maximum 1,000 word count
  • If your historical photo is not in the public domain, you may provide a link to the photograph

What we're looking for

All essays will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Ability to fully answer the question
  • Creativity and originality in ideas
  • Grammar, mechanics, and structure

By submitting your essay and photos in consideration for the Mixbook Scholarships, you certify that this is your original work and has not been previously published nor has it been previously submitted for or won an award. You agree to provide Mixbook with an unlimited, royalty-free license to use all submitted materials. You certify that you have read, understood, and are abiding by the rules of the scholarship.