5 Ideas for Holiday Gift–Worthy Photo Books

Everyone wants to give gifts that are personal and meaningful while still being affordable, but it doesn’t take much time perusing presents at the mall till you’re ready to give up. Before you settle for a shrink-wrapped tower of candied nuts and chocolate Santas, consider creating quick personalized photo books for everyone on your gift list. Get started now so you can take your time completing your project. Bonus: the sooner you finish your photo book, the more likely it is you’ll be able to take advantage of special promotions!

For Family & Friends: Personalized Cookbooks Create a custom cookbook that showcases your family’s favorite recipes. Include stories about what you ate over the past months or year along with photos of each meal’s preparation and presentation. If everything’s plated like a pro, you’ll have a beautiful book and inspired friends and family members. If your book screams “keepin’ it real,” all the better. Your loved ones will enjoy seeing photos of the baby smearing your winning casserole all over her face and high chair – and the anecdote about how you really should have put Buster out in the dog house before serving a buffet lunch will be perfectly illustrated by the photograph of an overturned tray of cold cuts and overtly contended dog. Simply upload your recipes and photographs right into the What’s Cookin’ template, or create your own custom cookbook by choosing the Merry Christmas theme or the Neutral, Black or White Portfolio to get started.

Personalized Recipe Photo Book

*What's Cookin' theme above

For Kids: Custom Picture Books There’s nothing kids love more than seeing their pictures in print alongside their very own story. Create a custom alphabet picture book for your child by dropping photos of all their favorite things into the Alphabet Book theme. Or write a short children’s story using all his or her favorite friends – both real and pretend, four-legged and stuffed – to star in the tale.

ABC Alphabet Book *I used the ABC Alphabet Book theme above

Pretty Princess Book

*Pretty Princess theme above

For Grandparents, Aunties & Uncles: Brag Books There’s nothing easier than creating a brag book all about a favorite grandchild, niece or nephew. Simply drop all your favorite photographs into a single digital folder, then upload them directly into your favorite Mixbook template. Sort the pictures by date, then hit the Automix button to have them placed into the template for you. If you love it, you’re done! You can also hit the Automix another time to have the smart editor try another layout. If you’re close but you want to make a few more tweaks to your book’s design, you can go through and manually swap out photos or change layouts anywhere you like. Leave the book caption-free to minimize your effort, or go through and add notes about each photograph for doting relatives. Print multiple copies for everyone in the family!

Family Book

Family Photo Book*I used the Family Yearbook theme above

For Soon-to-be-Parents: A Baby Book for Grown-Ups These days it’s so easy to create custom baby books, but back in the day it was a labor of love to gather, organize and thoughtfully present all the elements of a baby book. For soon-to-be-parents who don’t have a baby book of their own, a memory book created to capture their own early years is a wonderful gift. Scan old photographs, birth records, handprints, and handwritten notes on first steps, first words and other milestones, then upload them directly into your favorite baby album template. It’s never too late to create a legitimate baby book – even if it’s been a couple decades since your baby was in diapers.

Baby Magazine Photo Book

*Baby Magazine theme

For Mentors, Coaches, Teachers, Spiritual Leaders & Volunteers: Photos & Letters Memory Book There’s often a person or a handful of people in your life who go above and beyond to enrich or protect your world – and it’s often for little or nominal pay. For mentors, coaches, teachers, church leaders or volunteers of any kind, create a book that gathers photographs, letters, artwork and poems that convey appreciation. Solicit submissions from fellow students, teammates, community members or individuals in your congregation and simply organize your photos with letters and other content to create a one-of-a-kind book that will truly be a gift that keeps on giving. People in giving or service roles do what they do because it’s gratifying work – and a photo book that shows your appreciation will work wonders for their spirit and motivation to continue contributing so much to the wellbeing of others.

Sports Photo Book Idea

*I used the Soccer theme above

Teacher Book

*Back To School theme 

Happy Mixbooking!

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