What Moms Love in 2019

What Moms Love in 2019


Mother's Day is almost here and there's no denying Mom deserves the best. She's always there after a long day to hear you venting on the phone, she forwards you the most random news articles, and still insists you take a jacket when leaving the house. Mom is unique and a real hero. Packing a year's worth of gratitude into a special day each year is a tough task. Fear not! With Mixbook, you can create a story with photos that are full of heartwarming sentiments Mom will go gaga over. We've put together our best Mother's Day gift ideas:

For the Mom Who Loves to Cook

"Mom! Please make me a snack?" "Mom! What's for dinner?" You know you owe Mom big time for always cookin' up a storm for you. She's always ready with the week's meal plan, dealt with the picky palette of you as a child, and makes every bite taste like home. Celebrate her and her kitchen skills with a custom recipe book showcasing all her delicious dishes. Crack open her recipe book and borrow the family favorites!



For the Mom Who's Nostalgic

Photo books offer a lifetime of smiles and waves of nostalgia each time they ar opened. If your mom cherishes moments from the past, put them to print. Your book can be a gift for grandma too! Fill your Mother's Day photo book with those classic black and white snapshots from your mother's or grandmother's past. Your book will become a time capsule of their fondest memories. Include small paragraphs of those cheeky anecdotal stories they love to tell at family gatherings. We have new photo books themes that she'll love: Hand-Painted Mother's Day, Subtle Simplicity, and Happy Mother’s Day by 1canoe2.


For the Mom Who's Obsessed with Her Kids

You're the apple of your mom's eye. You know that's the truth ;) She smothers you with kisses even at age 33, and as much as you try to escape her kiss attacks, you secretly love them. Give her something she can hold and love when you're not there. A set of canvas prints will light up her heart and her living room. Bring her favorite subjects to print and she'll love always having her kids around smiling back at her.  Take her favorite social media photos of the family and turn them into acrylic blocks to display in person and not just on her digital timeline.


For the Mom Who Loves Her Fur Babies

Hey, dog and cat moms are moms too! They’re always snapping photos of their pets and love sharing photos on social media. If you know a fur baby mom that loves to take pet pics, our Dog and Cat photo books are a fun adventure through some of those great shots.


For the Mom Who Loves to Travel

She's got the travel bug! If your mom is the out-and-about kind, compile a travel photo book that highlights some of her favorite travel destinations and trips. Start with a certain year and continue to build each Mother's Day until your mom has a travel photo book library she can revisit over and over again for a quick "getaway".


For the Mom Who Appreciates the Little Things

Mixbook has the most beautifully designed custom Mother's Day cards. Something as simple and gorgeous as our photo cards make a big statement for any unsuspecting mom. With great designs like Mother’s Day Flower Pattern, Shimmering Best Mom Ever, Simple Modern Mother’s Day, and Tropical Green Mother’s Day you'll be able to create one-of-a-kind photo cards she won't see anywhere else. These bright and colorful cards will be displayed for years to come! It's the easiest way to tell mom how much you appreciate everything she's done.

With so many gift options, Mom is sure to feel the love! Just a couple clicks are she’ll be the happiest mom in the world.

Mixbook Fan Feature: Robert Bassler

Mixbook Fan Feature: Robert Bassler

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