17 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas

17 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas

17 genius guest book ideas

17 genius guest book ideas

First of all, let’s be straight here, if you decide to go the traditional guest photo book route, kudos to you. There is nothing wrong and everything right about a classic, perpetually in-style and personalized wedding guestbook.

That being said, if you’re of the mind to spice things up, here are 17 unique ideas that will get the party off and running. Look for something below that reflects you and/or makes you smile because at the end of the day, you’ll be the one looking back and enjoying it.

Wedding Guess Book Ideas

  1. Instant Photos of Your Wedding Guests

Whether you have a photo booth with props or an instant, single-shot camera, the idea of giving guests the chance to add their mugs to your book is fun. And dangerous. You know the saying… the more the beer, the bigger the cheer. Get ready for some pretty good blackmail material.

mixbook guest book

mixbook guest book

2. Sign Guest Book with a Thumbprint

The concept of providing ink pads (of any or all colors) is all you need to invite wedding guests to dip, stamp and sign their very own thumbprints. Creative guests can thumbprint something more complicated if inspiration hits. Just remember, include wipes for cleanup!

3. A Mad Libs Guest Book for Your Wedding

We are (feeling) to be at your wedding to witness the (emotion) of such a/an (adjective) couple. We (verb) you nothing but the best and many (noun) of happiness. (Noun)! Love, (Your Name)

4. Photos Through the Ages Wedding Photo Book

Let’s say you want a somewhat traditional guest book with a small twist – this is the perfect idea for you. Each page can feature milestones of you and your honey at different points in your lives. Guests can enjoy looking back at both of you as babies, adorable toddlers, awkward preteens, at the prom with other people... It’s fun, right?



5. A Wedding Guest Book / Address Book

One thing you’ll appreciate after the wedding is a book that not only features your guests, but also includes their addresses. This is a book that you’ll really open over and over again as the years go by.

6. Fun Facts About Your Wedding Guests

What about leaving your guests some room to write some fun facts they think you should know. Maybe they want to tell you they can play the ukulele. Maybe they want you to know that the prettiest waterfall they ever saw was on a hike in Iceland. Sometimes it’s cool to see what your guests want to bring to the table.

7. Honoring Guests Who Can’t Be There

A nice way to remember your loved one who can’t be at your wedding is to include them in your guest book. It’s kind of a tearjerker, but it’s also incredibly sweet and meaningful.

mixbook guest book

mixbook guest book

8. Song Requests

Ask your guests to include their favorite song. Or the song they can’t get out of their head. Or perhaps a song that always reminds them of you. For the musically inclined, this is a playlist that can’t be beat. Maybe you can even throw a few into your reception if the band takes a break and peruses the pages!

9. A Calendar of Important Dates

Including a calendar or space for guests to give their birthdays and anniversaries not only makes them feel special, but also makes you look amazing when you remember them in the future. This is what we like to call the win-win guest book.

10. Make a Prediction

Ask your guests to put on their future-reading hats (that’s a thing – I have one) and let you know what’s in store. Here’s how it works. You write questions like: What should we name our next pet? How many children will we have? Who will be the first one of us to become incontinent? And then your guests predict your future!

11. Advice Book

Much like the prediction book, only in this case your guests offer you their advice. It can be marriage advice: Never go to bed angry. Or health advice: Always eat 3 green things a day. Or even life advice in general: Live a life that’s true to yourself.

12. Scrapbook a Page

For those who like to sit down and get busy, offer pages that beg to be colored, stamped, stickered and marked. Having an assortment of materials out allows the guests who want to sign, just sign – and the guests who want to make an artful gift for you, make something special.

13.. Wish Wedding Book

Have little envelopes and photo cards on which guests can write down their wishes for you. After guests seal them and glue them into your guestbook, you and your honey can open them on your 1-year anniversary. It’s a book of wishes you can open every year to re-celebrate your marriage.

mixbook guest book

mixbook guest book

14. Map Your Guests

Have a map where guests can sign where they’ve traveled from to be at your wedding. You can use this later to mark your travels as husband and wife.

15. Places to Go, Things to Do

Leave room to ask your guests about their recommendations. Maybe you need to travel to Argentina and drink the elixir of Mount Aconcagua. Maybe you must try the lemon sorbetto from the cart outside Big Ben. You’ll never know unless you ask!

16. Finger Paint

Let your guests get silly with their very own opportunity to finger-paint their names into your guest book. This is a guaranteed icebreaker and an unforgettable experience all around. Just remember, wipes wipes wipes!

17. Okay, I threw in one more for extra… the REVERSE Guest book

This is a guest book where you write a story about how you know and love all of the guests who’ve come to celebrate with you. Your guests can find their story and sign or add their own little bit if they feel moved. Chances are...they’ll feel moved.

mixbook guest book

mixbook guest book

Mixbook loves helping create these special memories for your wedding. Our newest collection of guest books are excellent ways to incorporate any of the above ideas. Let us do the work for you. You can take all the credit!

From your save the dates to your honeymoon photo book, explore Mixbook's entire wedding collection here. 

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