Fall Decor Ideas 2018

Fall Decor Ideas 2018

Bring the warm colors of fall into your home with these trendy and simple fall decor ideas for 2018. Pumpkins, fall foliage, pinecones are just a handful of popular themes that can serve as inspiration as you get started on transitioning from summer to autumn. From a garland look to a Halloween-centric appeal, your home will be the talk of the season!


Top 10 Fall Decor Ideas for 2018

1.     Fruit

A quick trip to the grocery store is enough to get started with your fall decor. Apples are a great seasonal fruit to put on your mantle. Other fruits such as peaches, pears, and clementines also work perfectly well on your kitchen table. Fruits can be beautifully displayed in bowls, baskets, crates, or jars.

Via Instagram  @leslieslosingit

Via Instagram @leslieslosingit

2.     Nature

a.     Head outside and pick up a few leaves, branches, and pinecones to create stunning table centerpieces. This a great budget friendly way to give your home an outdoorsy fall feel. Green is a perfect transition color to go from summer to fall and adding a few neutrals creates a fun pop of color for the fall. 

3.     Lights

Small lights and candles are a fantastic way to add handmade Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations. Christmas lights can be used for fall decorating and you don’t even need to take it down for the winter! Lights and candles are warm and inviting Thanksgiving centerpieces and are a wonderful way to create a festive environment for the holidays.

Via Instagram  @thewelldressedhouse

Via Instagram @thewelldressedhouse

4.     Pillows and Plaid

Plaid pillows and blankets don’t only provide a cozy look to your porch, but they also keep you warm on chilly autumn nights. Change up the textiles and add plaid to create more of a comfortable feel. Add some throw pillows or blankets on a chair or a swing outside or on a couch in front of a TV.

Via Instagram  @jodie.thedesigntwins

Via Instagram @jodie.thedesigntwins

5.     Pumpkin patch inspiration

Go to a pumpkin patch and get as many fun sized pumpkins and gourds as you can. Not only can you carve the pumpkins and place them as decor on your front porch, but they also serve as fun centerpieces and mantle decorations inside of the house. Get creative and also decorate with white pumpkins!

Via Instagram  @amandakammarada

Via Instagram @amandakammarada


6.     Chalkboard sign

Place a chalkboard sign on the porch to welcome the fall season. This is a fun and creative way to also welcome guests as this is the first thing they will see upon entering your home. The black and white of the chalkboard will contrast nicely with the array of colors outside.

via Instagram @  valeriemckeehan

via Instagram @valeriemckeehan


7.     Cue the copper

The glowing material of copper has continued to grow in popularity. Copper pails make for great vases to put fresh-cut flowers such as sunflowers. Bunches of branches or a handful of pine cones are also pieces of nature you can place in these penny-shined buckets.

Via Instagram  @abubblylife

Via Instagram @abubblylife


8.     Fire up the fireplace

Add a woodsy charm with firewood. Firewood isn’t just functional, it is also decorative! Create a rustic living room by adding firewood in bookshelves. You can also place extra firewood alongside the fireplace. Just make sure to remove any small leaves or twigs and eliminate bugs or spiders before bringing it indoors.


9.     Wreaths

That’s right, wreaths are not only just for Christmas. Fall wreaths can be made out of moss, pinecones, and even berries. Place this gorgeous fall decoration for your front door or scatter mini wreaths in the living room. Best of all, just add a red ribbon to transition these fall wreaths to holiday wreaths when the time comes.

Via Instagram @  julie.thedesigntwins

Via Instagram @julie.thedesigntwins

10.  Mason jars

A fun way to change to cooler temperatures is creating mason jar crafts. Mason jar crafts are always fun and easy and a great DIY project to get the whole family involved! Put lights, acorns, and leaves in mason jars to add a simple look to the rest of your fall decor.


Do you have a favorite centerpiece or theme you use every fall? We’d love to read about it in the comments below. Happy fall!

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